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With specialist expertise in the industry, our data centre consulting service team deliver world-class technical insight and understanding globally based upon multiple decades of direct data centre industry involvement and specialism.

Our multiple design and consulting awards are a testament to our expertise in new data centre design. As a world-leading specialist in the provision of data centre solutions and engineering consultancy, Future-tech will guide and support you throughout the entire life cycle of your facility.

Creating and delivering smart solutions focus on speed to deployment, flexibility, Total Cost of Ownership, energy efficiency and the use of innovative technologies alongside a deep understanding of the data centres means that whatever your requirement, at whatever stage of your facility’s life cycle, our Design and Consulting service will result in the most suitable data centre perfectly adapted to the requirements of your business with a minimum cost of ownership.

Improve data centre efficiencies and reduce costs today with Future-tech’s innovative global design and consultancy team. 

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Site Surveys & Selection

In order to minimise risk, a site survey should be conducted whenever a company has identified a potentially suitable location for a data centre. Future-tech has a thorough understanding of the risks, benefits and engineering challenges from a location, site suitability and cost perspective as well as a wealth of experience in matching corporate requirements to potential data centre locations.

Data Centre Build

Conceptual Data Centre Design

Future-tech has over 30 years of experience in the preparation of conceptual data centre design specifications (RIBA stage 2). Our innovative approach, attention to detail and focus on the specific project requirements as well as our commitment to vendor neutrality means that whatever the size or type of project, the end result is a documented conceptual design exactly matched to client needs and objectives.

Data Centre Build

Design Development

Future-tech offers a world-leading data centre design development service. This is based upon a world-class consultancy team each of whom has direct experience in the design and build of large mission-critical data centres in multiple geographies. These experts have all been employed based on their previous experience in designing world-leading data centre sites or in the development of intellectual property relating to the design and construction of high availability, business critical data centres.

Technical Data Centre Design

Future-tech’s multi-award winning team of in-house data centre design consultants and specialists are experts in creating innovative, efficient and cost-effective detailed data centre designs (RIBA stages 3&4). These are exactly matched to specific client needs and requirements. Whatever the size or type of data centre and whatever your budget, our technical data centre design service will give you the tools needed to ensure a successful data centre build, using engineering best practice in data centre design.

Design Peer Reviews

If your facility has been designed by an architect or engineer without in-depth knowledge in data centre design, a design review by an industry-specific specialist is essential. The design review will evaluate whether data centre best practices have been taken, risk minimised and expected standards of quality and performance have been met according to industry leading experience.

Requirements Analysis

Planning to upgrade an existing data centre or need a new facility? Whatever the type of data centre project, whether new build, a legacy data centre refit, data centre consolidation or data centre decommissioning – a full requirements analysis should always be the first step. Future-tech are here to help you complete this essential first stage of any data centre project.

Availability Class & Tier Level

The Tier level / Availability Class of a data centre determines the overall predicted service availability for the site and the opportunity for site maintenance required to keep the installed infrastructure in a reliable operating condition. The relationship between Resiliency, Redundancy and Availability of a facility is possibly one of the most misunderstood areas of the data centre industry.

Future-tech’s data centre consultants have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Uptime Institute Tiers, EN50600 Availability Classes and TIA 942 Availability along with other classification systems and regularly help clients to navigate the complexities involved in determining both current and planned Tier Level or Availability Class.

Help is available during the design of a new building to ensure that a specified Tier Level or Availability Class is achieved and that this is appropriate for the organisation’s business needs. This also includes refitting/upgrading a facility to a higher level.

Standards Compliance

There are a large number of standards that are both directly and exclusively written for data centres or have elements that apply to data centres within them. This standards landscape is confusing and the uncertainty is increased by some standards broadly contradicting each other, while others remain open to interpretation. Some bodies also publish documents that claim to be data centre standards which in reality are not, so the landscape is far from easy to navigate. Future-tech will guide you through this labyrinth to ensure that the most appropriate standards are adopted and correctly applied.

Customised Consulting

Future-tech can offer a fully customised service offering data centre specific expert consultancy covering a range of data centre specific topics and areas of subject matter expertise that are not restricted to any specific subject matter area.

This flexible service is based upon world-leading data centre expertise based upon several decades of designing, building, maintaining and operating data centres. This expertise and experience can be brought to bear by our dedicated data centre engineering consultants on a customised basis depending on client requirements. Our aim is to help clients to improve understanding of a particular issue or provide either strategic or tactical insight and advice on any facet of data centre design, construction or operation.

Individual consultants will utilise decades of data centre specific experience based in both delivery and receipt of data centre services along with industry-specific expertise to address the issues and technical challenges that they are presented with.

Deliverables may be in the form of detailed reports, formal presentations, workshop sessions, representation at meetings, knowledge transfer or simple response to enquiries. Our customised consulting service offers the benefit of world-class insight and multiple decades of data centre specific experience delivered by Future-tech consultants who are currently involved in the industry thought leadership and standards development.

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