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Design Peer Reviews

If your facility has been designed by an architect or engineer without in-depth knowledge in data centre design, a design review by an industry-specific specialist is essential. The design review will evaluate whether data centre best practices have been taken, risk minimised and expected standards of quality and performance have been met.

As industry-leading specialist data centre design services, build and management consultants, Future-tech have over 30 years of experience in conducting data centre peer reviews for a wide range of clients. We are respected throughout the industry for our independent, fair and sensitive approach to the peer-review process.

Design & Consulting

Our Approach

Whether the original data centre design was conducted in-house or external to your organisation, our experts will work in partnership with you and your team to ensure the facility is capable of fulfilling your IT requirements are designed for maximum efficiency and that all potential scenarios are accounted for. Engagement with our specialist data centre Design Consultants and Engineers will always add value to your project.


Once any issues have been identified and agreement has been reached by the Design Team, the Lead Design Consultant will collate all the findings into a concise report to be issued to the client. A further meeting can be arranged should further clarification be required


Future-tech has the capabilities to review whole data centre designs or individual elements. The process begins with the establishment of a clear review brief and following this, a team of Design Engineers and Consultants will be assigned to the project. In the initial stage, the team will examine the various elements of the design individually to identify any areas that will not meet or comply with the client’s brief, a meeting is arranged to go through these which provides a robust mechanism for identifying shortfalls or potential issues. Depending on the nature of the project, further meetings will be arranged throughout the process.

Data Centre Peer reviews can happen at any stage of your design’s development. Engaging early will ensure your design team is fully prepared, have their requirements clearly identified, and understand the drivers and constraints of the project.

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