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Standards Compliance

There are a large number of data centre standards that are both directly and exclusively written for data centres or have elements that apply to data centres within them. This standards landscape can be confusing and this confusion is increased by some standards broadly contradicting each other, while others remain open to interpretation. Some bodies also publish documents that claim to be data centre standards which in reality are not, so the landscape is far from easy to navigate.

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Why do I need a Standards?

Standards offer widely accepted benchmarks that help to both compare different site capabilities as well as offering a good indication of how well a site will perform against a client’s service availability requirements. Understanding what data centre standards are available and how they are used will help clients achieve specific project goals and objectives. Clear understanding will also ensure that any data centre standards compliance requirements are fully met without any ambiguity.


Your design will be given to our Standards Compliance Team. This team is made up of Design Consultants and Engineers who will go through the drawings and specification documentation to confirm they comply with the required standards or classification scheme. Certification against data centre standards is something of a grey area and not totally transparent so our Standards Compliance Team will assess any certifications that may be in place to determine whether these are indeed valid. This includes assessment of any third party site standards or certification claims.


You will receive a report covering any non-compliance aspects of a design and any certifications against it. Depending on the scope of the brief this may also be accompanied with an improvement or amendment notice. This document will describe what changes need to be made to bring the design in line with the specified standard or classification scheme. Time can also be made available for you to discuss the report with one of our Design Consultants or Engineers.

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