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Requirements Analysis

Planning to upgrade an existing data centre or need a new facility? Whatever the type of data centre project, whether new build, a legacy data centre refit, data centre consolidation or data centre decommissioning – a full requirements analysis should always be the first step.

Design & Consulting

Why do I need a Requirements Analysis?

Each business has its own reasons for choosing to embark on a data centre project. A thorough understanding of your data centre requirements and the overall aims and objectives, from capacity and performance through to budget and delivery, is essential to ensure the end result will be fit for purpose.

Our Approach

At Future-tech we take a top down approach to the data centre requirements process. Our expert teams work in partnership with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of the business objectives behind the project. We then drill down into any constraints, needs, performance goals and capacity requirements. This approach ensures that the end result is exactly matched to your business goals. Ultimately saving you time, money and ensuring corporate objectives are met.


The Requirements Analysis Process (RAP) is carried out by Future-tech’s in-house design consultants in partnership with the client and all relevant stakeholders.

We understand that determining key factors and gaining a general consensus for any data centre design project can be a lengthy process. That is why we designed and developed our data centre Requirements Analysis Workshop (RAW), a fast and efficient way of conducting the necessary ground work. RAW is a 1 day workshop, usually held at the clients’ premises, attended by all interested parties including IT, Estates, Facilities, Finance and other key stakeholders for the project. Its aim? To facilitate open discussion and provide a best practice approach to risk assessment and requirements gathering prior to full data centre design. The outcome is a solid foundation for the next stages of the project.


The end result of the data centre requirements analysis and RAW process is a thorough understanding of all the drivers, constraints and objectives impacting on the eventual data centre project. Clients are provided with a comprehensive report, unique to their own project but always detailing:

  • Data Centre Physical Requirements

  • Drivers

  • Constraints

  • Risks

The Requirements Analysis Process incorporates the first two stages of the Prince2 project management model and together with the output from the High Level data centre design will form the Project Initiation Document.

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