Why future-tech?

The Global Data Centre Engineering Experts

Why Choose Future-tech

Future-tech is a specialist data centre engineering consultancy providing M&A, investment, design, project management and operations focussed services. The company is an independent organisation made up of designers, engineers, consultants, project managers, technical specialists, and Revit/BIM operators.  

Together with our own experiences, we have engaged with organisations such as the Uptime Institute, Royal Institute of British Architects, the Institute of Engineering & Technology, the British Standards Institute, The International Standards Organisation, The European Commission,  and the UK and European Data Centre Associations to gain further knowledge and insight as well as positively influencing and promoting data centre best practices and standards development globally.

Our specialist data centre knowledge and experience, combined with our collaborative and engaging approach, enables us to deliver class-leading services that are uniquely tailored to your business requirements and specific project.

OUr Values

For more than 30 years we have provided specialist technical data centre design, build and management services. During this time, we have instilled our core values of partnership, innovation, and quality into our entire team.

We believe that by truly integrating with our clients, providing them with specialist expert knowledge and resources within a flexible and innovative framework we ensure their projects are built on solid foundations and achieve successful outcomes every time.


Our values drive our approach to every project and each client interaction. We believe this is one of the reasons Future-tech has gained the respect and trust of our clients and peers across the world.

By being a catalyst for change, by challenging ourselves and by constantly striving forward we grow, having a true sense of personal and professional fulfilment. These are our core beliefs and they drive our people, our designs, our services and our business.



Global Data Centre Providers

FUTURE-TECH Global Experience

Our teams have provided services and solutions in EMEA and APAC as well as the USA. Our global customer locations include:

Bahrain, Finland, France, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand. Uganda, UK and the USA.


Accreditations and associations

At Future-tech we pride ourselves on our knowledge, and dedication to the data centre industry. Our excellence is reflected through our awards, accreditations, industry associations, standards bodies and growing client list. These clients have engaged Future-tech to provide technical due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, design engineering for new build projects, design of refurbishments and upgrades to existing facilities, client-side management and coordination of design, construction and operational works and facility management services and consulting.

Our clients

Our expertise has enabled us to work with a vast array of companies across a wide range of locations and on projects of all shapes and sizes. We have worked for data centre colocation operators and enterprises across most industry verticals, from universities and healthcare organisations through to financial institutions and telecom companies, and on micro through to mega data centres, the largest being over 200MW.

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