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We believe that humans are hardwired to try and improve upon what has gone before them, to try and make things better. We believe the greatest sense of success comes from improving, learning and evolving as individuals and, perhaps more rewardingly, as groups, as teams and as communities.

By being a catalyst for change, by challenging ourselves and by constantly pushing forward we grow, gaining a true sense of personal and professional fulfilment. These are our core beliefs and they drive our people, our designs, our services and our business.

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How we evolve

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Over the last three years, Future-tech has been engaged on more than 3GW of data centre capacity. These engagements have been varied and included concept, developed and detailed designs, peer review, cost analysis, technical and commercial due diligence, technology analysis, optimisation, post outage forensic engineering, co-location selection and operational consulting and supervision.

During these engagements, we have seen designers, developers, investors and operators make many of the same mistakes time and time again. In each instance, we have integrated with these teams, identified and helped rectify these mistakes, producing better designs, better infrastructure and ultimately better data centres.



This insight is one of the benefits of being a specialist organisation that is dedicated to data centre M&A, investment, design, construction and operations focussed services.

In addition to our own experiences, we have engaged with organisations such as the Uptime Institute, Royal Institute of British Architects, the Institute of Engineering & Technology, the British Standards Institute and the UK and European Data Centre Associations to gain further knowledge and expertise.

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We work in partnership with our clients. Our approach is one of stakeholder inclusion and we believe that only by truly understanding the needs and requirements of all involved parties, that we can ensure that the end result fully meets all expectations.

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Our experience demonstrates that there is always a better way to deliver more resilient, more efficient, more cost-effective data centres, and that innovation in design and build is the best way to achieve this. Our commitment to vendor neutrality ensures that we can be truly innovative in our approach, whatever the project, its complexity, location, budget or requirements.

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We want you to be proud of your data centre, whatever its age, size or type and whatever the project requirements. From refits and energy optimisation, through advisory and consulting to full design and delivery, we guarantee quality in design, quality in build, quality in engineering, quality in performance and quality in the overall service you receive from us throughout the entire lifecycle of your data centre.

business Timeline

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Between 2009 and 2015 the data centre industry made huge strides in energy efficiency improvement. Annualised Power Utilisation Efficiency (PUE) Ratios fell from an average of 2 to 1.2 in new build applications and from 2.5 to 1.6 in existing sites.

During this period Future-tech received eight independent awards because of our adoption, development and refinement of energy-efficient design principles and technologies. 

In 2007, when most of the industry had little to no awareness of compressor free cooling for data centres and energy efficiency in general was not important, Future-tech was already developing and implementing free cooling systems that still operate at the industry’s leading edge today.

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