Advisory & Feasibility

Evaluate Risks, Commercial Viability and Technical Capabilities with Future-tech Data Centre Advisory and Feasibility Services

Be confident that from the initial concept through to end of life planning, our professional services offer access to specialist data centre expertise. Our world-leading professional data centre audit and review services are designed to provide a solid foundation for any data centre project – not just today but for the future too.

We will provide a clear engineering focused understanding of site infrastructure, condition, capacity and capabilities. This includes project feasibility studies and market analyses to determine appropriate solutions and potential costs/benefits.

Get in touch with a member of our professional advisory and feasibility team to find out more about how Future-tech’s data centre Advisory and Feasibility services can help you to build the solid  foundations required for your data centre project.

Advisory and Feasibility

Commercial Due Diligence

Our service provides a clear commercially focused, engineering led understanding of site infrastructure design, function, condition, capacity and capabilities. This includes project feasibility studies and market analyses to determine project viability as well as offering appropriate solutions and potential costs / benefits for any issues discovered.

Technical Due Diligence

Future-tech specialists can complete a technical site review to provide a detailed engineering report offering an assessment of a site’s true capabilities, capacities, and condition. The report would also note any functional or operational issues that would be a cause for concern for a customer, operator, or investor.

Investor's representative

The Future-tech consulting team have the ability to provide data centre specific support, management or governance on projects on behalf of investors for programmes of all sizes. This includes strategic advice as well and tactical delivery across a range of disciplines.

This service offers investors in data centre projects risk-free project delivery focused on long term data centre infrastructure goals and operational reliability. Future-tech can offer investors’ confidence that the project will result in a data centre site capable of performing to stated customer requirements with the ability to sustain reliable operational delivery.


Market Intelligence

Future-tech team members have experience being both customers and providers of data centre services, having a broad understanding of data centre services and detailed knowledge in key specialist areas. This gives us a unique perspective on the data centre market and the range of customer requirements within that market.

This experience allows Future-tech to offer data centre market analysis and intelligence for clients seeking to better understand the market in general or specific aspects of the market relating to differing customer requirements, regional variation, the applicability of different options to a specific market and broad market demand.


Financial Feasibility & Model Development

A data centre feasibility study is intended to identify the potential ‘risk and reward’ of any new data centre project. Future-tech help clients to understand potential ROI, risk factors and the impact of change resulting from any new data centre initiative. By spending time on a feasibility study, organisations are armed with all the information they need to decide the best route forward among the options available.

Energy Efficiency

Future-tech is at the forefront of data centre energy efficiency. We have designed, implemented and optimised a huge variety of new and legacy systems, always ensuring resilience and up-time is maintained whilst redefining what is considered possible for data centre performance in both large and small facilities.

Since 2009 our continual efforts, dedication and passion for this area of data centre design and operation has been recognised with five industry awards. Our combination of experience and innovation will ensure your data centre is at the industry’s leading edge.

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