Advisory & Feasibility

Market Intelligence

Future-tech team members have experience being both customers and providers of data centre services, understanding a broad range of data centre services and have detailed knowledge in key specialist areas. This offers a unique perspective on the data centre market and the range of customer requirements within that market.

This perspective allows Future-tech to offer data centre Market Analysis for clients seeking to better understand the market in general or specific aspects of the market relating to differing customer requirements, regional variation, the applicability of different options to a specific market and broad market demand. 

Deliverables / Output

Deliverables may be in the form of detailed reports, formal presentations, workshop sessions, representation at meetings, knowledge transfer or simple response to enquiry.

The areas of potential engagement are:

  • Future market outlook
  • Outline data centre market trends
  • Comment on competitive landscape and relationship between Enterprise, large cloud and co-location operators
  • Comment on competitiveness and USPs of specific locations internationally
  • Comment on implications of regulatory restrictions on customer’s choice of data centre location
  • Comment on the attractiveness of potential design and build options based on current customer demand, expectations, growth potential and emerging technologies
  • Assess the size, competitive landscape, customer types and likely future development of the data centre market for all sectors internationally
  • Is an intended or existing site fit for purpose against criteria such as location, business model, intended use, reliability/resiliency expectations, customer demand etc.

Outcomes / Benefits

This service offers the benefit of world class insight and multiple decades of data centre specific experience. There is the potential for a clearly demonstrable customer value add highlighted through consultants currently involved in industry thought leadership and standards development.

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