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Energy Efficiency

Future-tech is at the fore front of data centre energy efficiency. We have designed, implemented and optimised a huge variety of new and legacy systems, always ensuring resilience and uptime is maintained whilst redefining what is consider possible for data centre performance in both large and small facilities.

Since 2009 our continual efforts, dedication and passion for this area of data centre design and operation has been recognised with five industry awards. Our combination of experience and innovation will ensure your data centre is at the industry’s leading edge.


Our specialist Teams have designed, implemented, operated and optimised every cooling solution available in today’s data centre market. With this knowledge we ensure the technologies and methodologies specified for your data centre are both energy efficient and pragmatic. The result is solutions that are simple and cost effective to maintain, that are lower risk and that deliver class leading energy efficiency.


Innovation is at our core. Our attitude is one of flexibility and adaptability. Our knowledge of systems and solution combined with our vendor neutrality and creative approach results in the most energy efficient and flexible infrastructures that support your business today and into the future.


We passionately believe in pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible with data centre energy efficiency. We have consistently produced results that have redefined facility performance and we continually strive to improve and optimise what we have done before. Our people are committed to making all data centres, large and small, as sustainable as possible.

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