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Design Development

Future-tech offers a world-leading data centre design development service. This is based upon a world-class consultancy team each of whom has direct experience in the design and build of large mission-critical data centres in multiple locations. These experts have all been employed to be responsible for the design of world-leading data centre sites or the development of intellectual property relating to the design and construction of high availability data centres.

Design & Consulting


The Future-tech consultants also represent the company at the national and international standards institutes and agencies responsible for the definition of the global standards relating to the design and operation of data centre. These include The European Commission Joint Research Centre, Building Research Establishment (BRE), The Uptime Institute, CEN/CENELEC and the InternationalStandards Organisation (ISO). Senior Future-tech consultants are also regular speakers at international conferences on Data Centre design and standards developments.

With this background Future-tech can offer the development of data centre designs that are world-leading in terms of innovation, cost-effectiveness, reliability of operation, site resilience according to the client business requirements, energy efficiency and minimised TCO.


Future-tech consultants will determine the specific strategic and tactical requirements dictated byan individual client’s particular business to develop a design that conforms strictly to the criteriaestablished with the client during an evaluation phase. Consultancy and advice can be provided toensure that the design developed truly matches business objectives and that the criteria establishedwith the client are the most appropriate for their particular needs.

This service offers clients a risk free option to develop a design tailor made to their business yetincorporating the most up to date technologies, practices, techniques and innovations to ensureboth cost effectiveness and the appropriate levels of energy efficiency and operational reliability.


The result will be a fully documented design to the level of detail required by the client according tothe established business objectives and requirements. This will be based on Future-tech’s manyyears of experience in both designing data centre sites and also in operating and maintaining sitesfor clients, thereby gaining valuable knowledge in the operational performance of design elementsas well as the conceptual process of engineering design.

Future-tech can offer clients confidence that the design development on their behalf and with theirspecific requirements will result in a data centre site capable of performing to established businessrequirements at the most cost effective level possible without compromising on resilience orreliability.

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