Delivery & Implementation


Delivering global innovative, risk-free data centre installations for over 30 years

Our relationships with our clients are enhanced by our expertise and successes in data centre delivery and implementation. With an emphasis on innovation, we consistently deliver the most cost-effective, efficient, scalable, new build or upgraded data centres to our clients.

Future-tech are experts in project management and risk-free installation in live operational environments with a clear focus on minimising any impact on ongoing service delivery.

Our in-house team are adept at the meticulous planning and preparation that is a necessary part of working on an existing data centre and our holistic approach ensures that there are no unforeseen issues impacting on the day to day running of your mission-critical facility.

Delivery and Implementation

Project Management

Future-tech has over 30 years’ experience in delivering a range of data centre project management services. We understand that whatever the type or scale of the undertaking, strict co-ordination of all process elements is vital to the success, timely delivery and overall cost of any data centre project.

Construction Management

Future-tech has the in-house ability to offer Construction Project Management or Project Governance for any data centre related project. Our experienced consulting team have the ability to deliver end to end data centre specific construction management or governance on data centre projects. Utilising decades of data centre specific project delivery and construction management experience along with industry-specific expertise our consultants will ensure that all projects are delivered on time and to budget.

We offer risk-free construction management guaranteeing that the constructed data centre site meets the design criteria established at the start of the project. Compliance with these original design requirements and operational parameters form an integral part of our focus during site construction and final testing.


In cases where a detailed data centre design has been prepared in-house or by a consultancy, Future-tech work with clients to facilitate the actual construction of the new facility. Our expertise in data centre design and build means that we are able to work closely and efficiently with external contractors to ensure that your data centre build out remains within budget whilst meeting your exact design requirements.

Design & Build as a Service

For more than 30 years Future-tech has provided turn-key data centre design and build services to organisations large and small across a variety of global locations. From Tier I to Tier IV, from micro to mega, and from greenfield to conversion of existing buildings, all our projects are undertaken with the same degree of personal service, attention to detail and exact matching of corporate requirements to the end result. 

Integrated Witness Testing

Following data centre construction, full and thorough testing under design load conditions should be performed. As independent experts in design, build and optimisation, Future-tech are the obvious choice to undertake such a critical task.


Following on from construction and testing, Data Centre Commissioning is essential to ensure that the completed facility is configured for maximum efficiency. With a wealth of experience in data centre efficiency and innovation, Future-tech consultants help clients achieve significant cost savings by examining characteristics of the current IT load, identifying where equipment manufacturers standard specifications are not appropriate, and configuring the supporting infrastructure accordingly.


We offer clients the opportunity to lead the management of procurement on their behalf. This allows our clients to concentrate on their core business while introducing specialist data centre engineering knowledge and experience that may not be available within a client’s organisation.

This service has the advantage of access to the decades of data centre specific expertise within the Future-tech team as well as ability to offer significant volume discounts by pooling purchasing agreements on behalf of multiple clients. These volume discounts will be far greater than can be achieved by an individual customer alone. Our procurement services are highly flexible and can accommodate the need to purchase specialist services or equipment. 

Tender Documents & Evaluation

Unwieldy and confusing tender documentation has a considerable impact on project timeframes, decision making and the overall success of a project. Future-tech has spent considerable time working with tender documentation and we have used this experience to develop a document creation and evaluation service. Our service ensures that client tender documents are simple, concise and enable key objectives to be met.

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