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Integrated Witness Testing

Following data centre construction, full and thorough testing under design load conditions should be performed. As independent experts in design, build and optimisation, Future-tech are the obvious choice to undertake such a critical task.

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Why do I need Integrated Witness Testing?

Without thorough testing following completion of the data centre build, you cannot be sure that stated deliverables have been met or that the facility is fit for purpose in terms of efficiency, resiliency and redundancy. This creates future potential risk.

Testing is vital to ensure that the facility operates as expected and fulfills the deliverables contracted for. The ability of the completed facility to meet PUE expectations at loads of varying percentages is crucial to the overall efficiency of your data centre. Simulation at varying loads will determine whether stated efficiencies have been achieved. Simulation of full systems will determine whether stated levels of resiliency and redundancy are correct.

Our Approach

As correlation of the original proposal with the completed facility is the aim of testing, as well as the identification of any discrepancies, Future-tech are well placed to act on your behalf. Our holistic approach to the entire facility as well as granular testing of individual elements ensures that all areas are covered.

We understand that a collaborative approach is necessary during the testing phase, especially where Future-tech have been engaged to test a facility designed by a third party. In such cases the original contractor will be given opportunity to simulate the test conditions before witness testing. During the formal testing, all parties, including the client and original contractor will be in attendance .If any issues arise, our team will work in partnership with a contractor to resolve them.


In order to ensure that there are no delays to your project, an integrated witness testing team, made up of expert engineers and design consultants will be assigned to you before completion of the facility. Where the original design phase was conducted by Future-tech, this team will comprise of the original Design Team members plus Mechanical and Electrical Servicing Engineers. The reasoning behind this is that this team will be familiar with the original design parameters and their understanding of the expected facility operation.

Where Future-tech are instructed as an independent third party we deploy an expert team including a Lead Data Centre Design Consultant, an Electrical Design

Engineer and a Mechanical Design Engineer. Upon receipt of the original tender specification document, construction drawings and schematics, the Future-tech Integrated Witness Testing Team will evaluate the information and submit a method statement and test documentation for your approval. Representatives from the principle contract and the client will be invited to attend the testing and the procedure employed will be invited to attend.


A formal data centre Witness Testing Report detailing the process taken and the results cross referenced against original tender document and performance specification. If elements of the data centre that have not met specification or have failed during testing these will be highlighted with recommendations provided.

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