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Following on from construction and testing, Data Centre Commissioning is essential to ensure that the completed facility is configured for maximum efficiency. With a wealth of experience in data centre efficiency and innovation, Future-tech consultants help clients achieve significant cost savings by examining characteristics of the current IT load, identifying where equipment manufacturers standard specifications are not appropriate, and configuring the supporting infrastructure accordingly.

delivery and implementation

Why do I need Data Centre Commissioning?

Missing out the essential Data Centre Commissioning can lead to an inefficient facility and higher than expected operational costs. By simply identifying where equipment manufacturers’ standard specifications are not appropriate for the IT load, the supporting infrastructure, in particular the cooling plant, can be configured to meet the requirements of the facility and lead to much higher levels of efficiency.

Data centre commissioning can lead to significant energy savings when implemented correctly by a specialist commissioning team. By engaging Future-tech to ensure that systems are running correctly, clients have saved up to 67% on facility operational costs.

Our Approach

Recognised as leaders in data centre energy efficiency, at Future-tech we understand that use of innovative technologies and best practice can ensure the data centre is designed for efficiency, but to ensure it is operated efficiently. Data centre commissioning is essential, we take the approach that as all data centres are unique, all operating practice will be individual to the organisation.

The best designed facility in the world will still be inefficient if the supporting infrastructure is not configured to the actual IT load intervals. Recognised leaders in data centre innovation, Future-tech have designed cooling systems that are able to automatically re-commission themselves as IT loads fluctuate. This application is generally applied when the facility experiences large fluctuations in IT load and can lead to an annualized PUE of below 1.18 within Tier II and III environments.


A Data Centre Commissioning team will be assigned prior to the data centre testing stage. Where Future-tech has designed the facility, this team include the original Design Team members plus Mechanical and Electrical Servicing Engineers. In our experience, this ensures continuity as the original team are familiar with the design parameters and fully understand how the facility should operate.

Where the data centre was designed by a third party, we assemble a Commissioning Team made up of a Lead Data Centre Design Consultant, an Electrical Design Engineer and a Mechanical Design Engineer. As always, we work in partnership with the client, their contractors and any other stakeholder in the project during the entire process. From equipment specification requests, through to the preparation of the commissioning plan and method statement and the eventual site visit all relevant parties are asked for input and where appropriate invited to attend on site.


Once data centre commissioning is complete, the client is provided with a Systems Configurations Document describing the new system set points and behavioural characteristics. The document will detail new system capacities and limitations together with recommended trigger points for system revision, such as increased IT load.

The revised PUE will be provided and annualised savings shown. Future-tech are also provide training during the re-commissioning to make sure that client members of staff understand what has been changed and how re-configured systems operate.

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