Structured Cabling

Data centre structured cabling systems provide connectivity within the data centre and with the outside world. They can be copper, fibre or often a mixture of both. Like all data centre systems and solutions, selection should be based upon the requirements, drivers and constraints of your project. Structured cabling is the same and the choice of which cabling specification you adopt will depend on the speeds required and distances involved.

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About Data Centre Structured Cabling

Our network specialists can advise on the best structured cabling system for your particular application. When designing a data centre, we look at the whole picture, ensuring separation between power and data cables and incorporating diverse cable routes. We also help design the overall structure of the network, for example determining the positions and numbers of network cabs within the data centre and also of any satellite comms rooms in larger buildings. Our installation engineers are fully qualified and all installations are certified and warranted by the cable manufacturer.

Increasing Density Whilst Reducing Power Consumption

In line with the desire of organisations to provide more performance in less space, whilst meeting power consumption objectives, Future-tech design data centre environments using focused product sets that meet the design objectives of guaranteed high density performance, seamless migration and user flexibility at a reduced power level. Compared to traditional data centre cable solutions, Future-tech’s high density solutions can provide many cost benefits, including:

  • Up to 20% reduced floor space
  • Between 10% and 20% less maintenance time
  • Up to 5% lower power consumption

Why choose Future-tech?

We have experience in the design and installation of data centre structured cabling including:

  • Category 5e/class D, category 6/class E, category 6A/class EA, category 7/class F, category 7A/class FA
  • Single and multi-mode fibre
  • Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM)
  • Voice-over-IP
  • Horizontal and backbone structured cabling installations from a few dozen to thousands of outlets

Vendor Neutrality

In line with our policy of offering the best solution for your particular need we are happy to install systems from any of the leading manufacturers including:

  • Siemon

  • ADC Krone

  • Amp Netconnect

  • Austin Taylor

  • Belden IBDN

  • Brand Rex

  • Connectix

  • Excel

  • Hellerman Tyton

  • Molex

  • Nexans

  • Panduit

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