Data Centre Fire Systems

Data centre fire detection, suppression and prevention are a necessary part of most data centre installations but such systems, especially fire suppression, can add considerable cost to a data centre build. Future-tech have considerable experience in making sure that any chosen system is designed as cost effectively as possible, whilst still providing the protection required.

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About Data Centre Fire Systems

The various data centre fire suppression systems all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Identifying how you need your fire system to operate and what the risk parameters are will define which of the available solutions is most suitable for your facility.

Future-tech have worked with, and have considerable experience in, the following systems:


  • FM200 gas suppression systems

  • Novec gas suppression systems

  • Argonite gas suppression systems

  • Oxygen reduction fire prevention systems

  • Water mist systems

  • VESDA early warning smoke detection systems

  • Fire rating requirements

Why choose Future-tech?

At Future-tech not only do we have extensive experience designing, installing and maintaining data centre fire systems, we are experts in matching a system to your own individual project requirements, drivers and constraints. Our vendor neutrality means we are not tied to any individual equipment supplier or solution so you can be sure that the fire suppression system chosen for your data centre is based on its suitability for your facility, not because we have partnered with a particular vendor.

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