Modular & Containerised Solutions

Modular and containerised data centres offer a solution to certain environmental and logistic challenges and constraints. Whether you need to deploy a data centre in a temporary location, have a short time frame, or need the ‘facility’ to be self-sufficient in terms of power & cooling, Future-tech have the in-house expertise necessary to advise on and deploy a modular or containerised data centre that suits your exact requirements.

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About Modular & Containerised Solutions

Initially developed for military deployment in the field, modular and containerised data centres have increased in popularity across all types of organisation over the past 6 years. Such solutions can enable an organisation to use space unsuitable for a brick and mortar data centre, reduce time frames or deploy a temporary facility with relative ease.


Like all data centre design and deployment, our focus is on the drivers, requirements, and constraints of the project in question. Through years of experience, we know that in some circumstances, although the client may feel a modular solution is a correct approach, an alternative solution would better match their needs. Equally, there are projects where a modular of containerised data centre solution is ideal. Once we have established that such a solution matches your overall requirements, we work in partnership with you to determine which of the many and varied solutions in the market match your particular need.

Why choose Future-tech?

Our vendor-neutrality and our ability to match a solution exactly to corporate requirements, means that Future-tech is the obvious choice for any company considering either a modular data centre or container data centre. We have a detailed understanding of all the different systems in the market place, their pros and cons, and their relevance to individual projects. If a containerised or modular data centre solution is right for you, we can assist you in selecting a solution that matches your need – once we have an understanding of your project’s specific drivers, requirements and constraints.

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