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Tender Documents & Evaluation

Unwieldy and confusing tender documentation has a considerable impact on project timeframes, decision making and the overall success of a project. Future-tech have spent considerable time working with tender documentation and we used this experience to design a document creation and evaluation service. Our service ensures that client tender documents are simple, concise and enable objectives to be met.

Why do I need a Tender Documents Service?

A formal tender process should aid you to make informed decisions when approaching the market place for a data centre project. However, badly thought out tender documents can make your decision making more complex and are difficult for potential contractors to navigate. This can lead to fewer than expected third parties responding to your tender, higher cost levels and a project specification which does not meet your requirements. Engaging Future-tech to aid with tender documentation creation means that documents are not only fit for purpose and designed to meet overall corporate objectives, but that project time frames, costs and outcomes are met.

Our Approach

The Future-tech Tender Documentation Service was specifically designed to help companies to write clear, concise tender documentation that meets all project and corporate requirements. Our Design Teams work with you to produce a tender document that is thorough, detailed, objective and clearly states the project’s drivers, constraints, requirements and assessment criteria. This approach makes it easier for potential contractors to understand what needs to be achieved, greatly reduces the number of contractor questions and makes final assessment by your team easier, quicker and more robust.


Our data centre tender document creation and evaluation service takes your project through RIBA Work Stages G & H. Our Design Consultants work with you to establish the requirements, drivers and constraints of the project and use this information to create a performance specification for your tender document.

In our experience, stating the requirements, drivers and constraints involved, but not prescribing a specific design solution can result in the submission of innovative solutions by potential contractors. If a high level or detailed design has already been produced, the tender document can be shaped around this solution.


A Performance Specification, Technical Requirements Document and Evaluation Document are produced for use in the tender process. Upon submission, our Engineers and Consultants work with you to evaluate final contractor submissions. A further document is then issued scoring the contractor design solutions, project methodologies and overall submission. A final meeting is arranged between your internal evaluation team and Future-tech to discuss the results.

David Stutchfield, Energy Officer, University of St Andrew’s

“With Future-tech’s careful attention to all the individual details we’ve ended up with a very energy efficient data centre”

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