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Data Centre Construction

In cases where a detailed data centre design has been prepared in-house or by a consultancy, Future-tech work with clients to facilitate the actual construction of the new facility. Our expertise in data centre design and build means that we are able to work closely and efficiently with external contractors to ensure that your data centre build out remains within budget whilst meeting your exact design requirements.

About Data Centre Construction

Whatever the size or type of data centre construction project, the build phase involves the exact meeting of the detailed design specifications and budgets whilst remaining within the given time frame. Where designs have been prepared in-house or by an external third party without build expertise, engaging with data centre experts to facilitate the construction phase will result in a more successful, and cost effective facility build.

Why choose Future-tech?

Future-tech have over 30 years’ experience in building data centres. We have a through and holistic understanding of the entire data centre design and build process and are experts in understanding exact client requirements. Where the data centre design we are provided with does not exactly match the needs and requirements of the organisation, or is conceptual rather than practical, our in-house design team are able to make adjustments to the specifications to ensure that the end result is in line with the original objective whilst remaining within budget.

Our expertise in data centre builds of all size and type, from greenfield to change of use or refurbishment of an existing facility, means that we are able to identify and overcome any constraints, make recommendations where appropriate and effectively and efficiently manage your data centre construction.


All data centre construction projects begin with key stakeholder meetings to discuss the proposed design documentation and its suitability to meet overall requirements. Once designs have been assessed, approved and all areas of concern identified our in-house team work closely with the client to develop a project management plan which includes all budgetary requirements, time frames and key milestones.

All of Future-tech’s data centre build clients are assigned a full time project manager and site supervisor giving access to a single point of contact for the duration of the process. Our involvement does not end with the completion of the build. In order to ensure that all clients have a ‘soft landing’, we offer support through the witness testing and full commissioning phases, offer training for client staff and offer up to 6 months post delivery support.

David Stutchfield, Energy Officer, University of St Andrew’s University

“With Future-tech’s careful attention to all the individual details we’ve ended up with a very energy efficient data centre”

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If you require any further information or have a specific enquiry call one of our in-house consultants:

T: 0845 9000 127

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