Shared 6-Monthly Conservation Project Update From Mahubo, Mozambique

by | May 12, 2021 | Articles, News

At Future-tech we believe that we all have a huge responsibility as the current custodians of our environment and must consider our current environmental impact for future generations.

Located in the district of Boane, Mozambique, the Mahubo site has an area of 402 hectares. The
Mahubo site offers a unique mangrove ecosystem teeming with life serving the local population with
vital fisheries. The local community comprises over 102,000 people, most of whom rely on agriculture
for subsistence. The area has seen a massive loss of its mangrove forests due to resource poverty and
the need for fuelwood. So frequently, the local populations of communities like this are exploited by
larger businesses to use their resources unsustainably, all while paying extremely low wages.

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