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Data Centre Cooling Systems and Solutions

Getting the best performance out of your data centres cooling systems is crucial to its overall efficiency and operational cost. Just as no two data centre projects are the same, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to choice and deployment of a cooling solution. Future-tech’s extensive knowledge of, and experience in, deployment of a vast range of cooling systems and solutions means that we have the ability to exactly match a particular solution to your needs and requirements.

About Data Centre Cooling Systems and Solutions

Whatever the type or size of your data centre, it will require cooling infrastructure. IT equipment produces heat and it is vitally important to remove that heat from the data centre if IT equipment is to operate efficiently and without failure. The range of data centre cooling solutions available are considerable, but the most appropriate will depend on a range of factors including location, type of building, budget and corporate requirements.

Over the past 30 years, Future-tech have designed and installed the following bespoke data centre cooling systems:

  • Direct fresh air free cooling
  • Indirect fresh air free cooling
  • Chilled water free cooling systems
  • Heat sink heat transfer
  • Water cooled direct expansion systems
  • Traditional direct expansion
  • Hybrid systems
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Direct chip cooling
  • Absorption cooling using waste heat

Why choose Future-tech?

Our considerable experience in the design and deployment of a wide range of cooling solutions, together with our vendor neutrality, means that Future-tech clients can be confident that their solution has been specifically selected to match their needs and requirements, and also takes into account any project constraints. With 11 independent awards for innovation in cooling systems, a design team of individual experts, and a holistic approach to the entire data centre infrastructure, Future-tech really are at the forefront of data centre cooling best practice and deployment.

More About Data Centre Cooling..

Appropriate cooling methods and infrastructure may be determined by the age of your facility. For example, Legacy IT equipment operates within a tighter environmental window than newer equipment and over recent years this operational window has widened from the traditional 20°C +/- 1°C and 50% relative humidity (RH) +/- 5% to today’s ASHRAE  allowable range of 22°C +/- 4°C and 50% +/- 30% RH.

Although this widening of data centre temperature set points may seem small it has a considerable impact on the energy consumption of the systems that provide cooling. As a very simple guide, for every degree Celsius you raise you server air-on temperature you are likely to see an approximate rise in efficiency of 2%. This means if your data centre cooling system is currently maintaining an 18°C supply air temperature and you are able to raise this to 23°C you will realise a circa 10% reduction in your data centre’s cooling costs.

The range in relative humidity (RH) has increased and also has a huge effect on energy consumption. By adopting the new ASHRAE allowable RH levels you may reduce your humidification energy consumption by 80%. Depending on the method of humidification used in your facility this could equate to a sizable financial saving. Getting the right data centre cooling solution in any facility is vital. Working with a company that has extensive experience designing and installing a broad range of solutions ensures resilience, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

David Stutchfield, Energy Officer St Andrew’s

“Future-tech incorporated a plate heat exchanger in to the system that will enable us to heat some adjacent buildings with waste heat from the data centre”

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