Data Centre Power Systems

A resilient infrastructure for timely and uninterrupted data centre power distribution is essential to any facility. Whether it is the power to the data cabinets, cooling infrastructure or security systems, ensuring your mission critical facility is risk free and concurrently maintainable are crucial aspects of its electrical design. Future-tech have a vast amount of experience in creating the most resilient and efficient data centre power infrastructure and removing single points of failure.

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About Data Centre Power Systems

Data centre power systems and their infrastructure are a crucial element of any data centre design project. The aim is always to create the most resilient and efficient design possible within the constraints of the project. Removing single points of failure is always the goal.

A holistic understanding of your business need is important when determining the correct approach to power systems, as it is often easy to over-engineer and over-specify a project resulting in unnecessary costs for little payback. Conversely, under-engineering can lead to unplanned downtime and business risk.

Future-tech has designed and delivered data centre power solutions that include the following elements:

  • High Voltage Transformers

  • Low Voltage Mains Distribution

  • Bespoke Designed Mains Distribution Boards

  • Standby & Prime Generators

  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)

  • Diesel Rotary Uninterruptable Power Supplies (DRUPS)

  • Combined Heat & Power Solutions

  • Multiple Power Source Solutions

  • Synchronised & Export Systems

Why choose Future-tech?

Our uptime record speaks for itself. In the past 5 years, across 40 data centres, we have delivered over 2 million hours of live data centre services with a result 5x better than 99.999% uptime. Our 30 years of experience in data centre and mission critical power systems, our vendor neutrality and our innovative approach mean that the systems we design are always the most appropriate and suitable for your facility. Our Electrical Design Teams have expertise in all aspects of resilient and reliable electrical power delivery, from high voltage transformers to rack mounted PDUs, and all elements in between.

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