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This section includes all elements that are key to the provision of effective data centre cooling and encompasses all potential technologies and best practices essential to maximising cooling capacity and energy efficiency. 

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Free Cooling

When it comes data centre cooling solutions, the term “free cooling” has entered general use in the data centre industry. Most people understand that it actually refers to “compressor free” cooling. That is to say, that there will be some cost and energy used in removing heat from the server racks but this is greatly reduced by eliminating the need to run compressors.

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Aisle Containment

Separating the hot from the cold aisles in a data centre prevents cold air short-circuiting straight back to the air conditioning system before it has done any useful work. This offers one of the easiest ways of reducing cooling energy costs and can be incorporated into new designs or retro-fitted in existing data centres.

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Data Centre Air Conditioning

Adequate and reliable cooling is essential to the operation of any data centre, computer room or server room. After the IT load, it is the biggest user of energy. For this reason, efficient air conditioning is a key element in creating an energy-efficient data centre. Finding the right data centre air conditioning system for your data centre will depend upon various factors such as power density and the availability of space for the cooling plant.

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Air Handling

All data centres that utilise conventional air cooled servers require some form of server room air conditioning to maintain a stable environment.

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    Data Centre Cooling Systems and Solutions

    Getting the best performance out of your data centres cooling systems is crucial to its overall efficiency and operational cost. Just as no two data centre projects are the same, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to choice and deployment of a cooling solution. Future-tech’s extensive knowledge of, and experience in, deployment of a vast range of cooling systems and solutions means that we have the ability to exactly match a particular solution to your needs and requirements.

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    Environmental Monitoring

    Environmental monitoring is vital to data centre maintenance. Maintaining constant uptime is often crucial to an organisation, with the success of the IT department defined by its ability to provide services to its clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Properly designed data centres will have redundant hardware such as UPS, air-conditioning and generators and these should be constantly monitored so that any faults can be dealt with before they affect the running of the IT services.

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    About Data Centre Equipment Supply

    The hardware selected for an individual data centre project should always be driven by the needs of the client. Factors such as operational performance, approach temperatures, power factors and minimum fan speeds as well as regional supply security, servicing costs and parts availability need to be considered as well as associated costs and budgets. Global location, environmental conditions, budget, delivery deadline and energy efficiency are just some of the factors that can influence the equipment and manufacturers specified on any data centre project, but ultimately, all data centre equipment specified should be aligned to the project’s overall requirements.

    Why choose Future-tech?

    Our vendor neutrality sets us apart from other organisations offering data centre design and build services. It is this neutrality that enables us to select and specify data centre equipment purely on its ability to carry out a specific function within the constraints of a particular project and also means we remain at the forefront of data centre innovation. Not only that, our in-house teams have considerable experience and expertise in equipment selection, enabling us to provide better, more resilient, more efficient data centre facilities to our clients.

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