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About Us

We believe that humans are hardwired to make things better. We believe the greatest sense of success comes from improving, learning and evolving as individuals and, perhaps more so, as groups, as teams and as communities.


By embracing change, by challenging the norm and by constantly moving forward we grow, having a true sense of personal and professional fulfilment. These beliefs are core and they drive our people, our designs, our services and our business.

Offering specialist turn-key data centre design, build and management services, Future-tech is a company of experts, highly regarded as leaders in data centre innovation, energy efficiency and optimisation. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that the solution fits the need. Future-tech remains determinedly vendor neutral, as without neutrality, innovation is stifled.

Our people, our approach, and our vendor neutrality are what make us different.


We work with companies from all industry sectors and on data centre projects ranging in size from micro to mega. Whether your project involves Greenfield build, conversion of an existing site or the refreshing of an existing facility, and whatever your Tier requirements, our in-house experts have the experience necessary to match our solution to your need.


Our projects have taken us across four continents. Each location offers its own unique challenges, limitations and benefits. Hugely varying environmental conditions such as ambient temperatures, humidity, dust, altitude and extreme solar gains all pose unique challenges. Other geographical factors such as supply chain security, regulations, standards and finance can add to the complexity of design or build. The Future-tech team are experts in navigating these complexities ensuring your data centre project continues unhindered, wherever its location.


Beginning a data centre project can pose risks to your business. Future-tech’s specialist data centre expertise, 30 years’ experience in data centre design, build and operation, and our expert in-house team offers clients reassurance that mission critical data centres projects will be risk free.


At Future-tech, innovation is key. Our commitment to the use of innovative design, technologies and techniques means that we have consistently been able to push the limits of PUE and facility performance without compromising resiliency, whatever the size or type of data centre project. The 11 awards we have won since 2009 offer industry recognition of our leadership in this field.