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World’s third largest Data Centre

Indian telecommunications services giant Tulip Telecom has invited a great deal of attention in the data centre marketplace as of late, having announced the commercial launch of its Bangalore Data Centre, Tulip Data City (TDC).

Spanning across 0.9 million sq ft, Tulip Data City has become Asia’s largest and the world’s third largest data centre to date, with the capacity to house 12,000 racks backed by up to 100MW of power. However, having already been labelled the most ‘green’ and most energy efficient data centrein India (PUE 1.5 approx.), the facility is expected to save close to 35MW of power at full capacity.

Tulip Data City sits behind only two US based data centres in terms of size.

Designed by IBM, the build itself cost Tulip Rs900 Crores, equivalent to around $200 million US Dollars, and is fully competent in providing cloud solutions to cater to the ever changing data and connectivity requirements of today’s enterprises. Of course, Tulip is no stranger to data centre builds, having built data centres for the government of Goa and Uttaranchal, but the multi-tiered facility (built to tier 4 and tier 3 standards) is a technology marvel that is sure to catapult the corporation into pole position in the Indian Data Centre industry.