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University of Hertfordshire sign up to the EU Code of Conduct

The new data centre completed by Future-tech in June 2010 utilises the most up to date best practice principles to ensure the Universitys’ IT infrastructure is both resilient and energy efficient.

The new facility uses “free air” cooling and a 99% efficient UPS to deliver N+1 resilience on power and cooling wile maintaining a PUE of 1.3 or below. To add to its’ green credentials the data centres’ cooling system captures the heat produced by the servers, and reuses it in the buildings’ hot water system.

This innovative approach lowers the Universitys’ CO2 production by an estimated 621 tons per annum.

Energy Consumed Per Hour Before: After:
Total IT Load 120kW 120kW
Total Facility Load 264kW 146kW
Electricity used per Year 2,312,640KWh 1,282,464kWh
Annual Carbon Footprint 1,394 Tons 773 Tons

Reduction in CO2 Emissions Equivalent to
1 Year 621 Tons 117 Fewer Cars
5 Years 3,106 Tons 586 Fewer Cars
10 Years 6,212 Tons 1,172 Fewer Cars

So far the only two public sector organisations to successfully sign up to the European Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency are the University of Hertfordshire and Bracknell Forest Borough Council. Both organisations have Future-tech designed and built data centres as well having attended a Future-tech EU CoC Workshop.