Operational Reviews & Audits

Audit & Risk Analysis

With a wealth of experience in conducting Data Centre Audits and Data Centre Risk Assessments, Future-tech are experts in examination and analysis of current assets and future plans. From physical infrastructure and operations through to financial management and governance, our highly experienced team investigate all areas during the data centre assessments, from physical infrastructure and operations through to financial management and governance. The end result is a solid foundation on which to make future decisions related to your facility or portfolio.

Why do I need an Audit & Risk Assessment?

Data Centres are mission critical business assets. A thorough data centre assessment provides an understanding of your data centre’s ability to fulfil current business needs and scale with business growth as well as its condition, management and operation is essential to the success of any Enterprise. Such an understanding helps not only to mitigate risk associated with data centre failure, but also to effectively plan and budget for future requirements.

The principle behind an audit or risk analysis is to identify areas that should be addressed from a cost, operational or risk perspective. As a client, you want to be assured that any data centre audit or risk analysis takes into consideration not just the needs and potential risks of today but also includes your plans for the future


Our methodology is one of controlled discovery. We use various techniques including interviews, workshops and milestone meetings to gain a thorough understanding of our client’s requirements, current situation and areas for concern.

Our experts investigate and assess the physical facility, engineering drawings, site operational drawings and other collateral relating to the facility infrastructure. Where necessary, Dun and Bradstreet searches, due diligence on company officers and financial investigations will be included. These activities are conducted with the overall aim of providing the client with a thorough facility audit and a detailed investigation into the overall organisation, governance, viability, technical capability and life expectancy of the facility. In our view, without such an approach it is impossible to critically assess potential technological, financial and organisational risk.

Our Approach

At Future-tech, we work in partnership with our clients. An understanding of the drivers behind any audit or risk assessment together with overall corporate technology objectives is essential in order to ensure that the final report findings are aligned to individual client requirements. Our approach ensures that recommendations are relevant not only to your business today, but allow for business growth or change tomorrow.


In keeping with our partnership approach, the method of final delivery is determined by the client. Whether you require a formal report, a presentation or other method of delivery, we will accommodate your needs. Whatever the final method of delivery, the ‘document’ is designed to be part of an organic process, subject to periodic review, to incorporate inevitable changes in the organisation and data centre environment.

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