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Upgrading Data Centre Systems

Up to date data centre infrastructure is key to running a successful, efficient and cost effective facility. As corporate IT requirements change, a data centre system upgrade may be necessary to manage growth, meet efficiency targets or lower operational costs. Future-tech are experts in designing and implementing cost effective data centre systems upgrades for data centres of all age, type and size.

Why do I need a Data Centre Systems Upgrade?

Legacy, or older facilities will be less efficient, more costly to operate and less able to deal with increased capacity needs than new build data centres. This doesn’t mean that an organisation needs to build a costly new facility in order to take advantage of more recent improvements in data centre infrastructure – a data centre systems upgrade can have an enormous impact on efficiency, operational cost and capacity for much lower capital outlay.

Why choose Future-tech?

Future-tech have a wealth of experience in projects involving upgrades and improvements to legacy data centre facilities. Our expertise in data centre systems and commitment to vendor neutrality means that we are able to design and implement a bespoke solution for your data centre upgrade whatever the type or size of facility and whatever the budget. We have personally maintained and managed data centres through multiple equipment refresh cycles and pride ourselves on our ability to increase efficiency and reduce operational cost with the minimum capital outlay.


Future-tech work in partnership with our clients to ensure that any systems upgrade project is successful and meets corporate objectives. A thorough and in-depth understanding of current issues together with overall project objectives and the desired outcome is always the first stage of any project and regular meetings are held with clients and key stakeholders to ensure that key milestones and targets are met. This approach ensures a successful and cost effective systems upgrade.

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