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Migration & Consolidation

An organisations data centre assets may be inadequate for future growth, or consist of a vast array of diverse and costly facilities. Data centre migration or consolidation can help an organisation increase capacity, cut costs and simplify process. Future-tech clients can be confident that their complex data centre migration and consolidation projects will be cost effective, successful and have the minimal impact on day to day business operations.

Why do I need to Migrate or Consolidate my Data Centre/s

As your business evolves, your IT needs will change and this will inevitably impact on your data centre requirements. Either consolidating data centre assets or Migrating IT equipment to a new in-house data centre facility or colocation provider may be considered necessary to increase capacity or decrease costs.

Why choose Future-tech?

With over 30 years’ experience in managing data centre consolidation and migration for our clients, Future-tech are experts in ensuring that mission critical assets are migrated or consolidated with minimal impact to your day to day operations. We have successfully managed vital transformation for over 55 data centres and have a full and thorough understanding of the planning, change management process and physical challenges involved in the migration and consolidation of mission critical IT asserts.


All migration or consolidation project begin with a thorough understanding of corporate drivers, requirements and constraints. Meetings with key stakeholders are held to determine corporate objectives and then objectives are assessed to determine whether they can be met without migration/consolidation by retrieval of ‘lost’ capacity in an existing facility for example; our in house consultants design a bespoke solution to meet individual corporate requirements.

Planning is key to success and all devices, facility infrastructure and other elements will be documented, assessed for any issues identified and dealt with prior to the move.

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