Operations & Maintenance

Lifecycle Services

Lifecycle services encompass all elements of critical infrastructure lifetime management once a design and/or delivery project has moved into live operation. This includes capacity increases, equipment upgrade or replacement, new technology recommendations, equipment sourcing, re-commissioning, de-commissioning, site refurbishment, migration, and consolidation.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is essential for any data centre. Wasted capacity means wasted money whatever the size, age or specification of the facility. Future-tech’s data centre consulting services help clients to identify capacity issues and causes. This enables effective use of space, can negate the need to relocate or extend a data centre, improves efficiencies and ultimately saves costs.

Data Centre Refit & Refresh

Data centre refurbishment projects present many challenges. Refurbishments often take place while the data centre is ‘live’ and projects may be hindered by physical constraints such as the positions of existing equipment or infrastructure services, as well as working space and access. By choosing Future-tech for your refit project, you’re reducing the risk involved in such an undertaking, and can be confident that the impact on day to day business operations will be minimal.

Migration & Consolidation

An organisations data centre assets may be inadequate for future growth, or consist of a vast array of diverse and costly facilities. Data centre migration or consolidation can help an organisation increase capacity, cut costs and simplify process. Future-tech clients can be confident that their complex data centre migration and consolidation projects will be cost effective, successful and have the minimal impact on day to day business operations.

Upgrading Data Centre Systems

Up to date data centre infrastructure is key to running a successful, efficient and cost effective facility. As corporate IT requirements change, a data centre system upgrade may be necessary to manage growth, meet efficiency targets or lower operational costs. Future-tech are experts in designing and implementing cost effective data centre systems upgrades for data centres of all age, type and size.

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