Operations & Management


Future-tech site operations and management solutions only utilise dedicated and experienced engineers specialising in critical environments. Our engineers  use building monitoring and management systems to proactively protect, optimise and ensure the continuity of highly available data centre services.

The Future-tech team offers a focussed and detailed knowledge of data centres with an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of site management, maintenance, operational best practice and industry standards as well as more than a decade of direct experience in providing highly reliable and risk free operation of business critical data centre sites.

Operations and Maintenance

Operational Reviews & Audits

A key component of Future-tech’s consultancy services is the operational reviews and audits that we can perform to ensure the optimal operation of your site. This includes all aspects of energy efficiency, capacity optimisation, risk mitigation, and strategic planning as well as detailed root cause analyses should any unforeseen problems occur. 

Lifecycle Services

Lifecycle services encompass all elements of critical infrastructure lifetime management once a design and/or delivery project has moved into live operation. This includes capacity increases, equipment upgrade or replacement, new technology recommendations, equipment sourcing, re-commissioning, de-commissioning, site refurbishment, expansion, migration, and consolidation. 

Data Centre Management

Managing a data centre site can become a full-time job and a significant strain on internal company resources. Our clients have recognised that having the expertise and overhead in-house is often not the most cost-effective way of managing a data centre efficiently or effectively.

For over 35 years our clients have demonstrated that by outsourcing part or all of the sites management to Future-tech they are guaranteeing that their data centres are managed by specialist data centre experts with the resources to maintain or improve site operations and reduce the risk of failure.

Data Centre Site Monitoring

Data Centre environment and building management systems provide a wealth of valuable information. This information can be used by our experienced engineering teams to improve operational efficiencies, optimise site performance in terms of both available capacity and energy efficiency and to limit unplanned downtime.

Continual monitoring can be a strain on internal IT and engineering resources, especially those inexperienced in this area, which is why for over 35 years our clients have outsourced their data centre site monitoring to Future-tech.

Planned & Predictive Maintenance

Future-tech provides Planned Preventative and Predictive data centre maintenance as a standalone service or as one part of an overall data centre site management package. Regularly servicing a data centre’s supporting infrastructure greatly reduces the chances of component or system failure.

This service improves site reliability and ultimately reduces the risk of a loss of service.

Remote Services

Future-tech’s Remote Services for Data Centres are designed for Edge, Enterprise, Telecom, Colocation and Hyperscale Data Centres in order to enable operators to reduce operational expenditure without reducing operational reliability or the quality of engineering support.

One of the biggest overheads for data centre operators is its ‘on premise’ engineering teams and maintenance services. A typical support model is to employ a team of engineers on site working on shift patterns at a large cost to the business. When a data centre is designed and built with a high degree of site resilience and correctly maintained it should be recognised that the risk to uptime is low and a permanent team of engineers based on site is not always necessary.

Data Centre Emergency Response

Future-tech provides data centre emergency response as a standalone service or as one element of an overall data centre site management package. If a fault occurs that presents a risk to the uptime of your data centre it needs to be resolved as quickly as possible by knowledgeable engineers with the key skills and experience to address issues rapidly as they arise.

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