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Joined up Data Centre Management

With Data Centre Managers waking up to the benefits of greener IT and Financial Officers becoming aware of the vast savings available to them by making changes to their existing facilities, now is an exciting time to be involved in the Data Centre Industry. With supplier led innovations in high density servers and more efficient cooling methods coming to the fore, it is important organisations approach their data centre management in a unified way.

“The days of fragmented departments are numbered”

No longer can Estates, Facilities and IT departments work separately to each other. Having spoken to many Data Centre Managers who are unaware of their data centre’s power consumption or exactly how their server room is cooled, and equally Estates Managers who are blissfully unaware of the changing requirements of their organisations network, it is becoming apparent a sea change is required and those organisations reluctant to embrace it will be left behind.

To be successful in the 21st century a data centre needs a comprehensive strategy created with the input of all involved whether they be the operators and users or those who provide the servers, the software, the network, the power and the cooling. The European Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency provides an excellent road map to help achieve this. The code defines best practice principles that will improve data centre efficiency as well as help provide a sustainable resource for the future.

For more information on the European Code of Conduct, its benefits and how to join contact James Wilman at