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Investors in People Accredited

Successfully obtaining accreditation for Investors in People is more than just an accolade. For me, it confirms that we at Future-tech are successfully working toward a better future for our workforce as well as our clients.

Investors in People is more than just training; it covers a range of good business practices that helps the company as a whole. These include:

  • Business Strategy
  • Learning & Development Strategy
  • People Management
  • Leadership & Management
  • Management Effectiveness
  • Recognition & Reward
  • Involvement & Empowerment
  • Performance Management
  • Learning & Development
  • Continuous Improvement

Assessors need to see more than forms, matrixes and a collection of certificates, because all that proves is that you have a lot of paperwork. Investors in People is something more. The assessment is carried out by interviewing a cross section of employees at Future-tech, from senior management to apprentices and new starters. It’s all about the people, and that counts for everything.

We have an amazing collection of very talented, exceptional individuals, so before we embarked on Investors in People, I knew that our processes for learning and development worked. Our efforts to attain the Investors in People accreditation was not for the badge, but more a confirmation that Future-tech is committed to moving in the right direction. Every day I am surrounded by an intelligent, hard-working and dedicated team of individuals and gratification in their achievements at Future-tech is paramount.

Every employer knows that it takes time for new employees to learn the job. Whether they are an apprentice or seasoned professional, new starters will need to learn the company’s systems and practices. This is an investment because the benefit to the business is realised once they have understood and embraced these practices, but why should it stop there? Investors in People recognises that true value is gained when a company continually develops the individuals within its workforce.

At Future-tech everybody knows their role and contribution to the success of the company. Everybody is engaged with our clients, so it is important that we all understand our vision, our mission, and our values.

Our industry is forever developing and as Data Centre Specialists, we develop with it.

Gaining Investors in People means a great deal to everyone at Future-tech.

Carl Mills – Managing Director of Future-tech