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Future-tech wins second Data Centre Dynamics Award

On December the 16th at the Lancaster Gate Hotel, London, the University of Hertfordshire were awarded the Innovation in a Micro Data Centre Award for their new De Havilland data centre.

During April 2010 Future-tech were awarded the design and build contract for the University and the project was completed 14 weeks later, in June.

The de Havilland data centre was up against some stiff opposition however its impressive PUE and ability to reuse the waste heat produced by servers clinched the coveted prize.
Steve Bowes-Phipps collected the award on the evening of the 16th and felt it gave the University the recognition it deserved.

Richard Stern, the project manager who delivered the facility on behalf of the University of Hertfordshire, said “Future-tech is a great company to work with. They have a can do attitude and a flexible and creative design team. This resulted in a data centre solution that really works and, most importantly, in our budget. Future-tech took ideas they had used on previous projects, then changed and adapted them to meet our desired performance criteria”.