Future-tech & IXAfrica: Putting Kenya on the data centre leaders map

by | Dec 7, 2023 | Articles, News

As design consultants working solely on data centre projects across the EMEA region, Future-tech has a unique perspective on meeting international standards and adopting best practices in a wide range of local markets.

In the last five years, Future-tech and our partners have worked in 38 different countries across the EMEA region; from Helsinki to Lagos, each environment has been different and diverse!

Our combined experience and expertise alongside in-country knowledge and relationships have allowed our clients to benefit from improved sustainability, lower overall cost, regionally sensitive procurement, and efficient programme delivery.

Future-tech is proud to have partnered with IXAfrica on their latest project and report, highlighting Kenya as a data centre leader. IXAfrica Nairobi-One campus is a fine example of the combined international and local expertise data centre formula.

Understanding the opportunities in East Africa’s growing technology epicentre, the Nairobi-one campus, IXAfrica not only caters to the rising energy demands but also paves the way for more greener data centre solutions.

Kenya uses 90%+ renewable energy, a rate the UK can only dream about. The countries’ geothermal capabilities place it in the ideal position to benefit both data centre operators, clientele, and the environment, as we push for more sustainable energy solutions to cater for the increasing cloud data demand.

Future-tech is proud of the relationship developed with IXAfrica, the success of the project and the opportunity to help shape this future tier 1 market – we can’t wait to see what the future holds for data centres and energy sustainability in Kenya.

If you’d like to find out more on how IXAfrica has been putting Kenya on the map as a data centre leader, you can read their full digital report – available now!