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EU Legislation for air-conditioning plant

Many people are unaware that from 4th January 2011 there is a legal requirement for all operators of air conditioning systems with a combined total output greater than 12KW to be regularly inspected by a qualified Energy Assessor.

The Facts

All buildings that have air conditioning systems with a combined total of more than 12kW must be inspected every 5 years by an Energy Assessor.

It is the duty of the person responsible for the technical functioning of the system to ensure that an Energy Assessment Certificate is in place.

Inspections must be undertaken at least every five years.

Failure to be in possession of the Report and Certificate gained from the Assessment could result in fines of up to £300 every 6 weeks until a Certificate has been acquired. (however this fine is likely to rise)

If recommendations are carried out, energy savings can almost certainly be made.

All air conditioning systems installed or commissioned since 01/01/2008 have 5 years before they require inspection.

If the room serviced by the air conditioning system has no permanent workstation within it e.g. a lights out data centre – it is exempt from this legislation.


When do I need to have an Energy Assessment carried out?

If your air conditioning system has a cumulative output greater than 12kw. You will need to have acquired a Report and Certificate by January 4th 2011.

What do I get from the Assessment?

You get a full Report, this report is also lodged on the Government’s Landmark Database.

What is included within the Report?

The Report looks at the air conditioning system and associated controls. Recommendations of how energy savings can be made will also be detailed in the Report.

Do I have to act on the recommendations?

No, you do not. These recommendations aim to raise awareness on potential energy savings.

For further information about how to have your air conditioning inspected by a qualified Energy Assessor email or contact us via our form.