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Your data centre is only as efficient as the equipment chosen to support it. Many organisations offering data centre design and build services are tied to a particular equipment manufacturer and this hampers their ability to choose the hardware most appropriate to overall requirements.

At Future-tech we are proud of our commitment to vendor neutrality, an approach that has led us to continually match our clients’ facilities to the right data centre equipment to their exact needs and requirements.

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About Data Centre Equipment Supply

The hardware selected for an individual data centre project should always be driven by the needs of the client. Factors such as operational performance, approach temperatures, power factors and minimum fan speeds as well as regional supply security, servicing costs and parts availability need to be considered as well as associated costs and budgets. Global location, environmental conditions, budget, delivery deadline and energy efficiency are just some of the factors that can influence the equipment and manufacturers specified on any data centre project, but ultimately, all data centre equipment specified should be aligned to the project’s overall requirements.

Why choose Future-tech?

Our vendor neutrality sets us apart from other organisations offering data centre design and build services. It is this neutrality that enables us to select and specify data centre equipment purely on its ability to carry out a specific function within the constraints of a particular project and also means we remain at the forefront of data centre innovation. Not only that, our in-house teams have considerable experience and expertise in equipment selection, enabling us to provide better, more resilient, more efficient data centre facilities to our clients.

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