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The DCA Certification Scheme

The DCA Certifications Scheme is an industry-led set of standards to verify a data centre’s resilience, site security, energy efficiency and operational integrity. The purpose of the programme is to provide each client with a clear identification of their data centre’s operational resilience and assurance that all standards of the scheme are correctly maintained.

Why do I need The DCA Certification Scheme?

Each business has its own reasons for choosing to embark on a data centre project. A thorough understanding of the overall aims and objectives, from capacity and performance through to budget and delivery, is essential to ensure the end result will be fit for purpose.


In addition to ensuring that standards of the programme are met, DCA members are committed to guarantee that the scheme is maintained as:

Independent – The customer can select the DCA approved firm(s) of their choice to carry out their data centre audit.

Transparent – Assurance of quality and trust in the programme’s results is measured by a ‘four line’ sign off process.

Affordable – The DCA is a non-profit industry association and will charge a fixed rate designed to cover the administration of the scheme.

Unified – The scheme aims to unify and harmonise industry recognised practice as well as international and regional standards.

Clear – The DCA Certification aims to provide industry-wide clarity to minimise subjective viewpoints.

Consistent – The scheme will require renewal to ensure the design goal remains valid and all operational standards are maintained.

Democratic – The programme aims to be industry led with rigorous governance provided by the DCA.

Reflect Standards – The DCA certification aims to reflect the latest developments in both regional and international standards.


Being a DCA certified organisation means that we can provide our customers peace of mind. Once the customer has been provided full audit documentation from a DCA Auditing firm, Future-tech will advise on any work that needs to be completed. There are four areas that the DCA Certification encompasses. The first is the classification of the Resilience Class of the facility and design goal it aims to fulfil. We will work with the customer to ensure that the power distribution, cooling systems and communication services support the design goal.

Once the alignment of the resilience class has been assessed, the overall purpose of the data centre is then determined. The second area that our experts will evaluate is Site Physical Security, which covers Access Control Systems and the Auditable Policy of the data centre. The third area is Energy Efficiency. In this category, we will assess the Strategic Management of the data centre alongside its Energy Efficiency Policy and the accuracy of PUE and KPI Reporting.

Lastly, the Operational Professionalism of the facility is measured on Maintenance, Fire Protection,Staffing Policy and Training and Development. Throughout the process, our specialists will verify that currently accepted industry practices are adopted, deployed and regularly reviewed. An application for DCA certification is then submitted after confirmation that the work has been carried out. The application will require commitment and sign-off from both the customer and Future-tech at director and operational manager levels.

During the application process, a member of the DCA Accreditation board will attend the site to conduct a high level inspection of the data centre. This is to ensure that the facility meets the necessary standards for certification.


Upon being awarded DCA certification, the findings will be sent to Future-tech and the client for presentation. The customer’s data centre will be listed on the DCA website alongside a press release and a write up in the Data Centre Alliance Journal.

Most importantly, the DCA certification provides the customer with the guarantee that their facility embraces the latest codes and standards of best practice while adopting a clear strategy of purpose and consistent at all levels throughout the infrastructure.

Ian McDonald, Technical & Infrastructure Services Manager, St Andrew’s University

“The Data Centre is going to save us around 7000 tonnes of carbon emissions over the next ten years”

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