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Technical Data Centre Design

Future-tech’s multi-award winning team of in-house data centre  design consultants and specialists are experts in creating innovative, efficient and cost effective detailed/technical data centre designs (RIBA stages 3&4) exactly matched to client needs and requirements. Whatever the size or type of data centre and whatever your budget, our detailed/technical data centre design service will give you the tools needed to ensure a successful data centre build, using the best practises in data centre design.

About Technical Data Centre Design

In best practise, detailed/technical data centre design involves the preparation of the specifications that will be used to drive your data centre build or refit project. Covering all elements required before build commences, the design will include detailed plant specifications and budgets as well as architectural and M&E detail. Considerations such as size and type of project as well as budget and constraints are used to determine the exact approach to each individual detailed data centre design project. The end result of the process is a design workbook containing architectural and layout drawings which include structural steel work, pipework, power and data cabling, containment, fire and security systems, equipment positions, walls, composite modular partitions, doors and other required elements.

Why choose Future-tech?

Future-tech’s multi-award winning, in-house team of data centre design consultants are experts in ensuring that all detailed/technical data centre design projects use best practise and are exactly matched to client needs, requirements and budget. With 30 years’ specialist experience in detailed data centre design, our commitment to innovation, vendor neutrality and thorough understanding of the holistic data centre environment means that we are highly regarded throughout the industry as leaders in data centre design.


All Future-tech’s detailed design clients are assigned a personal team of data centre design consultants. This team is led by specialists in Mechanical and Electrical Design and also includes other relevant specialists (Data Centre Operations Consultants, Communications and Connectivity Design Consultants, Architectural Design Consultants, Auto CAD Designer Engineers and Project Managers)

All of our data centre design projects begin with stakeholder meetings to determine project drivers, requirements and constraints. Where our in-house team worked with you to produce your facility’s conceptual design and performance specification, the same team will be assigned to the detailed/technical design project. This speeds up the design process as all members are familiar with the selected solutions, equipment and topographies as well as providing an element of continuity. If your high level design has been produced internally or by another design consultancy we will assess the proposed solution using your project’s requirements, drivers and constraints and make suggestions as to its suitability. Once this review stage is complete the design team will create the detailed/technical design documents. The end result is a detained/technical design workbook, written design document and a project program.


The design workbook includes all drawings associated with the construction of your facility and this provides a comprehensive specification for your principle contractor to work to, the written design document details manufacturer and model numbers of all equipment, from raised modular flooring, man-trap doors and ceilings to air handling units, uninterruptible power supplies and power distribution units, and also explains how the building management system and environmental controls should operate and integrate with existing data centre and building systems.

Realistic timelines will be provided for all phases as well as suggested project milestones and co-ordination methods to enable smooth and punctual deliveries .

Geoff Endicott, Asset Management Programme Manager, Bristol City Council

“The Council was recognised by the Data Centre Dynamics Award Scheme for the design innovation used in free cooling the data centre”

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