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Site Surveys

In order to minimise risk, a site survey should be conducted whenever a company has identified a potentially suitable location for a data centre. Future-tech have a thorough understanding of risks, benefits and technological challenges from a location, site suitability and cost perspective and have a wealth of experience in matching corporate requirements to potential data centre location.

Why do I need a Site Surveys?

Once you have identified a location (or several potential locations) for your new build data centre, a site survey will provide an understanding of any risk factors associated with the site as well as an analysis of general suitability, access, and cost factors will enable informed decisions to be taken and costly errors avoided.

A Future-tech site selection report will ensure that you choose the best site for the specific project requirements, ensuring a smoother, faster, cost effective data centre delivery.

Our Approach

Future-tech experts are regularly engaged to perform suitability checks. We understand that each data centre project is unique and that potential sites should be assessed against our client’s corporate requirements. This approach means our clients can be assured that recommendations are unique to their technological needs, risk profile and future strategy. Our engagement with the client always starts with an understanding of data centre requirements and corporate priorities before a hands on approach to the actual site is taken.


The Future-tech data centre site survey and selection methodology encompasses both the physical aspects of the proposed location and also the strategic implications. In keeping with our company ethos, we take a partnership approach to a site analysis to ensure that assessments are in line with corporate data centre objectives.
Physical assessment involves an expert data centre surveyor’s analysis of essential elements such as power availability, connectivity, access, transport links, environmental threats and security as well as potential location specific risk factors. Site visits and site research are employed. When assessing the suitability of an existing building on the site, the analysis will include construction type, materials and structural limitations. Our experts then analyse these findings against specific corporate requirements ensuring that all recommendations are based on your individual data centre needs.


Future-tech provide the client with a comprehensive report detailing the findings of the site selection assessment, comparing these with project specific requirements, drivers and constraints. Elements covered include: pro’s and con’s of each site; flexibility, risk evaluation, capacity predictions, limitations, estimated build and operational costs, power and connectivity availability. The report can also include high level layouts, a phased expansion plan and recommended power, cooling and construction solutions.

Steve Knibbs, Head of Hosting Services, University of London Computer Centre

“Many relationships with suppliers are done on a contract, what I would say is the relationship with Future-tech is done on the spirit of the agreement. The team are first class”

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