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Feasibility Studies

A Data Centre Feasibility study is intended to identify the potential ‘risk and reward’ of any new data centre project. Future-tech help clients to understand potential ROI, risk factors and the impact of change resulting from any new data centre initiative. By spending time on a feasibility study, organisations are armed with all the information they need to decide the best route forward.

Why do I need a Data Centre Feasibility Study?

Whether you are planning a new data centre, intend to refit an existing data centre or are considering a data centre consolidation project, an understanding of the potential impact of such a project on your organisation is essential.

The purpose of a feasibility study is to assess the impact of any change in your data centre infrastructure in terms of risk, cost and returns is the first step in determining whether a planned data centre project is the correct approach for your organisation. It will also identify any areas for further investigation.

Our Approach

Although the approach taken will be determined by the type of feasibility project we have been engaged on, in all cases, Future-tech take a holistic view of the organisation, its infrastructure and the reasons behind any proposed data centre project. We pride ourselves on our ability to work in partnership with our clients and this is particularly important during a feasibility phase. All data centre feasibility studies are bespoke and unique not only to the individual client but also the individual project. All elements of the project, from the team deployed, the number of expert consultants allocated and the length of time taken will be determined by your organisations requirements.


Data centre feasibility studies start with an initial free consultation meeting with an expert Pre-Sales Consultant. The purpose of the meeting is to establish the type of study required, the drivers behind the study and your next steps. Specialist experts relevant to your individual project will always be assigned as well as a team formed of experts in other disciplines. For example a study evaluating the upgrade or replacement of specific data centre equipment will be led by a Solution Specialist whilst a study evaluating the feasibility of a construction project will be led by a Design Consultant. Experts in other disciplines will work alongside the team lead to ensure that a broad holistic view is achieved as well as specialist detailed expertise.


The client is provided with a detailed written data centre feasibility report covering the risk and opportunities presented by the project in question. Depending on the nature of the project, the report will cover elements such as cost, risk, resources required, energy savings and or operational expenditure. We include a management summary at the end of all reports.

David Stutchfield, Energy Officer St Andrew’s

”Future-tech incorporated a plate heat exchanger in to the system that will enable us to heat some adjacent buildings with waste heat from the data centre”

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