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Future-tech’s Remote Services for Data Centres are designed for Edge, Enterprise, Telecom, Colocation and Hyperscale Data Centres in order to enable operators to reduce operational expenditure without reducing operational reliability or the quality of engineering support.

What are Future-tech’s Remote Services for data centres?

One of the biggest overheads for data centre operators is its ‘on premise’ engineering teams and maintenance services. In the UK the typical support model is to employ a team of engineers on-site engineers that work on shift patterns at a large cost to the business. Where a data centre is designed and built with a high degree of site resilience and correctly maintained it should be recognised that the risk to uptime is very low and a permanent team of engineers based on site is not necessary. This is also true if the applications and data hosted within the site have multi-site resilience such as site failover or genuine Synchronous Replication. Those of our US-based clients who recognise this and are taking advantage of our services are significantly reducing OPEX costs by operating ‘dim’ or ‘dark sites’ where part or all engineering support is contracted out to a third-party operator. Future-tech’s Remote Services are therefore particularly well suited to those wishing to move to a ‘Dark Site’ Operating model to reduce the extremely high costs of onsite personnel.

With the increasing industry focus on ‘Edge’ data centres and the requirement for proximal processing and data storage, Future-tech have ensured that our Remote Service offering fully supports the requirements of this increasingly popular type of data centre deployment.


The typical Edge data centre will be unstaffed and follow a dark site operating model typically with a smaller footprint than traditional core data centres. In this scenario, without full time engineers on site, predictive maintenance techniques used in addition to preventative maintenance and high levels of engineering skill become increasingly important to ensure operational reliability.

The use of this approach along with specially trained engineers who can perform tasks across multiple disciplines rather than the more traditional siloed approach to engineering delivery will ensure that the site infrastructure is kept in the optimal operating condition without the requirement for site based staff. Additionally, the predictive maintenance techniques ensure that any potential issues are highlighted, and their impact anticipated to be dealt with according to an agreed and scheduled plan before they develop into problems.

Future-tech ensures full integration with your business as the vital engineering support function. With Future-tech Remote Services you have the support of Future-techs’ team; on call engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, design consultants, project managers and designers when you need us. We provide Planned Preventative, Predictive and Reactive data centre maintenance and emergency response services to support your business whilst reducing your OPEX.

Why choose Future-tech?

Our Remote Service will continue to maintain the plant and equipment that supports your critical IT environment in line with manufacturers’ recommendations or specific additional business requirement. Above and beyond this routine maintenance we support you with Engineering Services for the full life cycle of your data centre. In doing this we ensure that your physical infrastructure is optimised and balanced; re-commission plant equipment, monitoring capacity and ensuring that each system is operating at optimum performance as your IT requirements and equipment deployments change with your business demands.

We are also continually available to provide support in the event of an emergency. This service is delivered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to clients requiring this additional protection and peace of mind. This offers our clients total confidence in the knowledge that a Future-tech Service Engineer, with first-hand knowledge of the supported site, is available to be contacted by phone and available to visit the site in person within an agreed 4hr SLA period.

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