Operations & Maintenance

Planned & Predictive Maintenance

Future-tech provides Planned Preventative and Predictive data centre maintenance as a standalone service or as one part of an overall data centre site management package. Regularly servicing a data centre’s supporting infrastructure greatly reduces the chances of component or system failure, improves reliability and ultimately reduces the risk of a potential loss of service.

Why do I need Data Centre Maintenance?

The requirement for continued service availability and site risk reduction is often the key driver for performing planned maintenance visits however a further benefit is that installed building plant equipment, in particular cooling systems, will be tuned in order to continue to operate at optimum efficiency and reliability. This has the potential to reduce energy consumption, reduce operating costs and increase useable capacity.

Why choose Future-tech?

Being able to spot potential problems before they occur has been a significant contributor to our uptime record of better than 99.999%. Data centre plant equipment is operating 24 hours per day 365 days per year, components do age and failures can happen. By being aware of all critical assets that support a data centre site combined with routine checks and regular servicing in line with their manufacturers guidelines and/or accepted industry best practice it is possible to greatly reduce the chances of a failure occurring.

Planned vs Predictive Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance relies upon manufacturer’s recommendations or widely accepted industry best practice for routine and regular maintenance activities at set intervals and according to a regular schedule regardless of equipment condition.

Predictive Maintenance relies on a greater degree of analysis of equipment condition, industry experience with similar equipment, historic performance trends and data gathering, advanced testing techniques and remote sensing along with the increasing use analytical techniques. Both types of maintenance are complimentary rather than mutually exclusive and typically a complete maintenance regime includes elements of both types of maintenance.


One of our in-house Service Team Engineers supported by the equipment manufacturer or third party specialist will carry out all Planned Preventative Maintenance visits and any required works. Our engineer provides a single point of contact for these visits. This appointed engineer will coordinate all activities on site and deal with all security aspects associated with bringing 3rd party engineers into a client’s data centre. Our engineer will also have specific knowledge of the specific data centre systems including how these have been configured and commissioned. This avoids the risk of systems being returned back to default or “factory setting”. This is particularly important if systems have been configured in a unique way.

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