Operational Reviews & Audits

Operational Strategy Review

An operational data centre strategy review ensures that all elements of the data centre, from the physical infrastructure through to the management team, are working together to achieve optimum performance. Future-tech are experienced in working with clients to align culture, values and business goals to operational data centre strategy and management.

Why do I need an Operational Strategy Review?

The reliable delivery of any IT service is reliant on all of the components in the data centre ‘stack’ playing their part. A data centre operational strategy review is intended to assess the entire stack from the underlying M&E infrastructure through to the data centre operational and management team and identify whether any risk factors are present. A data centre operational strategy review can help an organisation minimise downtime, ensure the smooth running of a facility over its lifetime and lead to operational cost savings.

Our Approach

A data centre Operational Strategy Review can only be undertaken by a team with experience in both infrastructure and operations. The Future-tech team are experts in data centre design, M&E infrastructure, efficiency principles and data centre management which means they are well placed to take a holistic approach to the strategy review.


The Operational Strategy Review is ideally developed during the design process to enable a cohesive approach to design and operation. Goals need to be established, disclosed and understood by key business and technology stakeholders in order to design a comprehensive operational strategy. The process is one of controlled discovery. Future-tech use a proven mix of interviews, workshops and milestone meetings to engage with and gain information from, key stakeholders before determining operational strategy deliverables.


In keeping with our partnership approach to such projects, the output method is determined by the client. Depending on the client organisations style and culture, the findings can be delivered in a formal report, as a presentation, or a mixture of both. Findings are designed to be part of a ‘living’ process, subject to periodic review to incorporate inevitable changes in the organisation.

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