Operational Reviews & Audits

EU CoC Assessment & Reporting

This service offers to both assess against the best practices included in the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency and prepare for submission to the European Commission for acceptance as a Participant of the EU Code of Conduct scheme. This allows the use of the European Commission logo in recognition of the use of data centre energy efficiency best practices.


Future-tech have been instrumental in the creation EU Code of Conduct and continue to be involved in ongoing annual revisions. One of Future-tech’s senior consultants is a contributing author, Chair of the Best Practice Committee and the current editor of the Best Practices document upon which the Participation scheme is based.

Specialist Future-tech consultants are available to visit and assess your site against the best practices highlighted in the EU CoC. Any shortfall against expected practices will be highlighted for either immediate resolution or to be included in an action plan included with an application for EU CoC Participant status. Future-tech can assist with both the application process and ongoing annual submissions.

If an application for Participant status is being based on self-assessment Future-tech can review the data and documentation to be submitted in order to overcome any potential problems with acceptance and that all elements of the submission are correct.

The ultimate outcome of this process being acceptance on the EU Code of Conduct participation scheme and recognition of the adoption of world leading best practices for data centre energy efficiency, underpinned by the European Government.

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