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Energy Audits

As a company at the forefront of data centre innovation, Future-tech are experts in enabling data centre energy efficiencies. Improvements can only be made following an assessment of current practice and usage. A data centre energy audit is an essential first step in reducing energy consumption.

Why do I need Energy Audits?

As a data centre operator, you’ll know that power consumption is often your largest operational expenditure. Even a small facility will use a significant number of kilowatt hours (and tonnes of Co2) and any saving in the amount of power consumed will amount to significant savings in operational cost. A data centre energy audit is an essential first step in improving efficiencies.

Future-tech have saved clients up to 67% on infrastructure running costs, a direct result of an initial Energy Audit project.

Our Approach

Energy efficient data centre design is one of Future-tech’s specialist areas of expertise. Over the past four years our data centre designs received 11 independent industry awards for class leading data centre energy efficiency and innovation. This specialist knowledge and innovative approach to efficiency means that we are your best choice for any data centre audit project, regardless of age, size or type of facility.

Once inefficiencies have been identified, clients can then take advantage of Future-tech’s knowledge and experience in implementation of innovative technologies and best practice to reduce energy consumption and cut operational costs.


As a specialist data centre consultancy, all our work is bespoke and relevant to an individual client. Our energy audits and reports are no exception. Audits are tailored to your facility, its size, age and operational function. Depending on your needs and the facility design, the energy efficiency audit will be conducted by; a Pre-Sales Consultant, Specific Discipline Design Engineer, Design Consultant or a combination of the above.

All audits start with a facility survey and an assessment of its supporting infrastructure. During the process, the Future-tech team work in partnership with key client stakeholders including the Data Centre Manager, Facilities Manager and Energy Manager. Information gained via sessions with these stakeholders will be used to add to the findings from the survey. The result is a holistic overview of the energy efficiency (or inefficiency!) of your data centre which can then be used to direct strategy going forward.


Findings of all our data centre energy efficiency surveys and audits are presented in the form of a comprehensive report. The report covers our assessment of the data centre, its infrastructure and current operation as well as a current PUE rating. Recommendations as to, “quick wins”, changes that can be made to the facility for little or no cost but will have an immediate effect on its energy consumption and operation are given alongside recommendations relating to a level of capital investment.

Any solutions are explained in detail with associated costs, savings and return on investment. Senior managers may find the summary table particularly useful as it details solutions, associated costs and return on investment in an easily digestible format.

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