Operations & Maintenance

Operational Reviews & Audits

A key component of Future-tech’s consultancy services is the operational reviews and audits that we can perform to ensure the optimal operation of your site. This includes all aspects of energy efficiency, capacity optimisation, risk mitigation, and strategic planning as well as detailed root cause analyses should any unforeseen problems occur.

Audit & Risk Analysis

With a wealth of experience in conducting Data Centre Audits and Data Centre Risk Assessments, Future-Tech are experts in examination and analysis of current assets and future plans. From physical infrastructure and operations through to financial management and governance, our highly experienced team investigate all areas during the data centre assessments, from physical infrastructure and operations through to financial management and governance. The end result is a solid foundation on which to make future decisions related to your facility or portfolio.

Forensic Engineering

Forensic engineering offers an analysis of incidents resulting in service outages or near misses due to either equipment failure or operating / human error. Senior Future-tech consultants working as qualified engineers and utilising decades of data centre specific experience based in both delivery and receipt of data centre services will be available to ascertain the true Root Cause of an incident. They will use industry-specific expertise to address the issues and detailed technical challenges that they are presented with.

Energy Audits

As a company at the forefront of data centre innovation, Future-tech are experts in enabling data centre energy efficiencies. Improvements can only be made following an assessment of current practice and usage. A data centre energy audit is an essential first step in reducing energy consumption.

Cooling & Airflow Management Audits

An examination of site Cooling and Airflow Management Efficiency against industry standard criteria leading to an understanding of potential reductions in both energy usage and operating costs along with significant potential for site capacity increase. This service includes recommendations and implementation of risk free improvements and a demonstration of genuine short terms returns on investment. Typical minimum cooling energy savings in established data centres is 10% and can be as high as 24%.

EU CoC Assessment & Reporting

This service offers to both assess against the best practices included in the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency and prepare for submission to the European Commission for acceptance as a Participant of the EU Code of Conduct scheme. This allows the use of the European Commission logo in recognition of the use of data centre energy efficiency best practices.

Operational Strategy Review

An operational data centre strategy review ensures that all elements of the data centre, from the physical infrastructure through to the management team, are working together to achieve optimum performance. Future-tech are experienced in working with clients to align culture, values and business goals to operational data centre strategy and management.

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