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Data Centre Management

Managing a data centre site can become a full time job and a significant strain on internal company resources. Our clients have recognised that having the expertise and overhead in house is often not the most cost effective way of managing a data centre efficiently or effectively. For over 35 years our clients have demonstrated that by outsourcing part or all of the sites management to

Future-tech they are guaranteeing that their data centres are managed by specialist data centre experts with the resources to maintain or improve site operations and reduce the risk of failure.

Why do I need Data Centre Site Management?

Running a data centre is a complex task and requires a team with specialist knowledge and expertise. Hiring and retaining personnel with the necessary skill set can be both expensive and time consuming, especially with the current skills shortage in this area. Hiring the wrong people can put a mission critical site at risk of service impacting failure. Ineffective site management can lead not only to significantly increased business risk, but also to increased operational cost and inefficient use of capacity and energy.

By outsourcing some or all data centre site management, on a temporary or full time basis, clients are gaining access to a team of highly experienced professionals with expertise in all elements of critical data centre operations. This approach leads to reduced business risk, increased operational efficiency and decreased costs.

Why choose Future-tech?

Future-tech we genuinely care about our clients’ data centres and ongoing service availability. With over 35 years data centre maintenance and management experience, we have a thorough understanding of the total data centre environment and considerable expertise in efficient data centre operations and management.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our data centre management experts work as a fully integrated part of the client team, and that all our engineers all have in-depth knowledge of each of our maintained data centres and their installed systems. All our services are tailored to individual client needs and we do not offer an ‘out of the box’ site management solution. We recognise that each data centre is unique and so too are its individual management requirements and business expectations.

By outsourcing to Future-tech, clients are gaining cost effective access to a team of award winning data centre experts who will integrate seamlessly with existing in-house professionals. The end result is greatly reduced business risk, decreased cost and increased operational efficiency.


All Future-tech data centre management projects begin with a face to face meeting to allow us to fully understand detailed client requirements and business expectations. Whether clients require occasional site maintenance, full data centre management or something in between, we will tailor a bespoke solution to match critical data centre management needs. If an internal site management resource audit is needed, our team will prepare this prior to determining a suitable site management package.

Once the appropriate level of partnership is agreed, we will either allocate a full time member of the Future-tech team to a client’s site or offer a dedicated business contact point. Whether a simple fault response service or full management service is required, we provide robust SLAs and regular review periods. All formal reporting is prepared to specific client requirements guaranteeing a truly bespoke service in each case.

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