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Jumping on the blockchain bandwagon: how will it affect data centres?

Commissioning part two: Seven steps to data centre commissioning heaven

Commissioning part one: A test drive for the data centre


Data centres and the grid part 2: Active energy players

Data centres and the grid part 1: volatility and innovation

Distributed resiliency part two: polymorphic data centres


Distributed resiliency part one: cloud availability

India data centre market part two: standardised and efficient

Another 2017 data centre outage highlights the case for forensic engineering


Data centres Africa part two: Efficiency and Resiliency

India data centres part one: Embracing a cloudy future

Data centre management part two: operations and maintenance


Data Centres Africa part one: Digital development

Great data centres happen when design and operations excel together

Data centre management part one: drivers and disruption


Data centre CSI: Investigating facility downtime

Cryptocurrencies and the data centre: part two

Cryptocurrencies and the data centre: part one


11kV Utility supplies for Data Centres

Circuit Breaker Discrimination

London’s Key Data Centre Market Will Continue to Thrive


US data centres successfully overcome three global challenges

Ireland: a stand-out European data centre destination of choice

Do you know the real cost of a data centre outage?


Is your data centre ready for 2020?

Technology, Fitness, Spartans and Data: Part Two

How to avoid the 7 deadly errors that derail M&A deals


What is the UK’s future role in developing European standards?

3 drivers behind the adoption of cloud

What impact will Brexit have on Ireland’s data centres?


How to stay ahead of data legislation

How the Brexit fallout is affecting our data centres

Celebrating the Datacloud Awards


Is your data centre protected against volatile energy prices?

Turn climate change and carbon taxation policy to your advantage

Technology, Fitness, Spartans and Data: Part One


Is the RSA algorithm the solution to your data security?

Risk Radar Briefing on data related risks: GDPR and Safe Harbour

IoT: Cities of Tomorrow


IoT: Where does the Internet live?

IoT: Cyberspace in 60 Seconds

The Snowden Effect: Part Two


The Snowden Effect: Part One

Future-tech to Sponsor at Datacentre Dynamics Converged 2015

Data Centers Risk Radar: The Human Factor – Is the skills shortage the biggest hidden risk to the industry?


Future-tech to Sponsor Host in Ireland Event at the RDS

Success with NEUPC Framework Agreement

Data Centre Risk Radar: Implications of the summer budget, changes to carbon tax and climate change policy in the UK


Making Waves with Cooling Solutions

Cleaning Up: Britain’s Energy Crisis

Gaming in the cloud


Data Centre Risk Radar: Cyber Risks

Data Centre Energy Efficiency

Data Centres & Cloud Risk Radar: Data Related Risks


The Tech Giants Shaping Our World: Conclusion

The Tech Giants Shaping Our World Part 5: Google

The Tech Giants Shaping Our World Part 4: IBM Part 2


Data Centre Risk Radar: Energy Price Volatility Briefing

The Tech Giants Shaping Our World Part 4: IBM

Microsoft image

The Tech Giants Shaping Our World Part 3 : Microsoft


The Tech Giants Shaping Our World Part 2: Amazon

The Tech Giants Shaping Our World Part 1: Apple

The Tech Giants Shaping Our World: Introduction


The Silver Linings of Cloud Security

Bitcoin and the Data Centre

A British Digital Success Story


Adopting the Cloud

What Social Media Means for the Data Centre: Part 3

What Social Media Means for the Data Centre: Part 2


What Social Media Means for the Data Centre: Part 1

Considering direct fresh air free cooling..?

Does your Data Centre have Asthma?


Trinity College Dublin wins the Tech Excellence Awards

Effect of Smartphones on Data Centres

Data Centre Contingency – Risk of flooding


An Introduction to Power Factor

An engineer, and a gamer’s, view of the Data Centre

Compressed air power


Investors in People Accredited

Humidity in Data Centres – Part 3

Humidity in Data Centres – Part 2


Humidity in Data Centres – Part 1

Micro Data Centre Construction Project: Final interview

Uptime Institute EMEA Network Conference


What do Data Centres do for you?

Future-tech’s Knowledge Exchange

My Grim Blog


30 Years of Data Centre Design and Construction

What impact does your XBOX have on the world’s Data Centres?

Micro Data Centre Construction Project: Week 3


Micro Data Centre Construction Project: Week 2

Micro Data Centre Construction Project: Week 1

Another solution to “IT as a service”


Micro Data Centre Award Sponsors

Cloud Computing – saver of energy or waste of energy?

Future-tech client testimonial


To Buy or Not To Buy, that is the question

Looking at Colocation Vs Build Your Own

Solar Power suits Cellular Telecoms


Hot aisle V’s Cold aisle containment for Data Centres

Low PUE doesn’t necessarily mean low peak load

Legionnaires’ disease & evaporative cooling


Data Centre Design – basic considerations

Old UPS – Burning money faster than gambling

Utilising combined heat and power (CHP) for Data Centres


Innovation Evolved: heat recycling

The Budget – what’s in it for the Data Centre community?

Tri-Generation for Data Centres


Dublin Data Centre investment continues to grow

India embraces Thorium Nuclear Fuel

Water shortage update March 2012


‘The Cloud’ – Is it for everyone?

World’s third largest Data Centre

Government response to Energy Supply report published 22.02.12


Do water shortages threaten adiabatic cooling schemes within Data Centres?

The EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency

University of Hertfordshire win Uptime Institute Award


Bristol City Council Data Centre video

Kent and Medway Health Informatics Service

Future-tech wins second Data Centre Dynamics Award


UK Colleges and Universities forced to report

Future-tech Data Centres short listed for three DCD Awards

Facebook photos could warm homes


University of Hertfordshire sign up to the EU Code of Conduct

University of Westminster award Data Centre to Future-tech

Treat your Data Centre as an energy source


University of Sussex award new high density Data Centre

Facebook and the big cloud debate

EU Legislation for air-conditioning plant


The Open University reach 20 million downloads on iTunes

Green Gown awards winners announced

Future-tech University of Brighton’s new Data Centre contract


Data Centre success with two Universities

China plans to introduce Carbon Taxing

Bracknell Forest Council awarded EU Code of Conduct status


Aviation Industry emits four times as much CO2 as Data Centres

Joined up Data Centre Management

Atlantis Resources Corporation


Carbon Reduction Commitment

Future-tech success with University of Hertfordshire Data Centre

The BBC reports on the BCC’s new Data Centre


Success in Scotland