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Data Centre Maintenance

Site Monitoring

Data Centre environment and building management systems provide a wealth of valuable information. This information can be used by our experienced engineering teams to improve operational efficiencies, optimise site performance in terms of both available capacity and energy efficiency and to limit unplanned downtime. Continual monitoring can be a strain on internal IT and engineering resources, especially those inexperienced in this area, which is why for over 35 years our clients have outsourced their data centre site monitoring to Future-tech.

Why do I need Data Centre Site Monitoring?

The information gathered via environmental and building management systems, when interpreted and used correctly, is crucial to the smooth and reliable running of any data centre. Ranging from basic fault conditions on power and cooling infrastructure, to full environmental monitoring, including temperature, humidity control, energy efficiency and available capacity, such information can enable both cost and energy efficiencies, reduce risk and increase both equipment performance and longevity, ultimately saving money.

Why choose Future-tech?

Our data centre site monitoring services are managed by an in-house expert data centre site management team. All have extensive knowledge of data centre infrastructure systems and are highly trained in order to ensure that faults and issues are picked up, correctly interpreted, and appropriate action is taken. For over 35 years, Future-tech has provided 24/365 monitoring services for data centres on 3 continents. This ongoing monitoring and management combined with our effective planned preventative maintenance regimes and good design, we ensure that our clients are protected from the risk of failure and can achieve the highest levels of service availability possible.


By using a combination of email, SMS and auto dialler alert systems Future-tech provides monitoring to more than 110 data centre sites on a 24/365 basis. A vast array of information can be produced by data centre environmental monitoring and building management systems. This can range from basic fault conditions on power and cooling infrastructure to full environmental monitoring such as temperature, humidity, access control, energy efficiency and control of set points and systems. Expert engineering resources are on hand to interpret this data and respond appropriately to any anomalous conditions that are highlighted.

The data centre monitoring service is provided by Future-tech’s in-house team along with a 3rd party call centre and cloud based communications system. This delivers two independent notification systems that are totally unrelated, ensuring our service is resilient, reliable and fault tolerant.

Through planned preventative maintenance and good design we are continually striving to eliminate failure. By having a knowledgeable and experienced team monitoring data centre site conditions we can ensure that the critical infrastructure supporting IT systems and services continues to be reliable and highly available.

David Stutchfield, Energy Officer, University of St Andrew’s

“With Future-tech’s careful attention to all the individual details we’ve ended up with a very energy efficient data centre”

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