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Case Studies

Future-tech win TSYS Managed Services design & construction contract

Future-tech were awarded the contract for the data centre design and construction of a new data centre facility. Due to the success and growth of TSYS Managed Services, they required larger office space outside of Milton Keynes town centre to provide a 500 seat call centre to support its customer base.


TSYS approached a number of data centre providers and enquired about the designs and costs associated with a new data centre construction project to support the call centre services. Uptime and continuity of services was extremely important to TSYS, ensuring that maximum uptime was delivered and the services are maintained in the event of a power failure or other mission critical threat.

The project faced a small number of constraints regarding the area that the data centre was being built and considerations had to be made with speed of delivery and noise.



Due to the pressures of growth, the new data centre facility had to be delivered quickly and efficiently. TSYS had a very demanding timescale and Future-tech needed to ensure that the data centre was completed and thoroughly tested in all potential fault conditions.

Although the facility is deemed as micro, with only 16 cabinet positions, TSYS wanted to maintain a focus on best practice and energy efficiency. Also as the data centre is located next to the call centre, consideration of noise was very important.



The Future-tech solution proposed a direct expansion air conditioning system using a traditional down flow air handling model and hot aisle containment. The facility provides separation between the data hall, where the servers are located, and supporting plant space. This means staff with access to either the data hall or supporting plant areas are authorised members of the IT or facilities teams.

All cabinet positions have dual power feeds and both the data centre and call centre are backed up by their own dedicated generator. The whole building is also backed by a generator so the mission critical functions of the business are supported by two independent generators ensuring maximum resilience.

The finished facility was housed within a composite modular room that provides excellent sound attenuation along with 1 hour fire rated separation from the live call centre environment.

With a very happy client, Future-tech’s ability to thrive throughout the life cycle of the project meant that it was designed, constructed, commissioned and completed in the given time frame.

Future-tech awarded data centre design and construction for TSYS Managed Services, Milton Keynes - Welcome
Future-tech awarded data centre design and construction for TSYS Managed Services, Milton Keynes - data centre solution

“Future-tech managed a large number of subcontractors without causing any disruption to Staff or Students“